Zibo promotes sports and people with “sports +”

In the swimming pool of Zibo Sports Center, the swimming competitions of “Little Flying Fish” and “Little Frog King” in the city from 2007 to 2010 are launched here; outdoor cage soccer venues, coaches are exercising with their children. Law; on the fitness field across the road, the old people shaking the Diabolo are doing a variety of skills competition… In various districts and counties in Zibo, such fitness activities abound, forming a beautiful landscape.

Since 2017, Zibo Sports System has adhered to the principle of “sports benefiting the people” and focused on building a nationwide fitness service system for the general public and urban and rural areas. The “Zibo Public Sports Facilities Layout Plan” was issued, and the development goals, tasks and safeguard measures for the national fitness and sports facilities were put forward. Zibo City became one of the first cities in the province to complete the development work at the city and county levels. The 7th National Fitness Games and the first intellectual sports meeting of the city were held. The activities of the National Fitness Day and the National Fitness Exhibition on August 8 were organized. They were jointly organized with the Propaganda Department of Zibo Municipal Committee and the Zhibo Municipal Working Committee. Organized 23 activities such as the walking of Xiaofuhe Wetland Park and the launching ceremony of “Shandong Province National Fitness Month”; giving full play to the role of sports social organization in the national fitness and vitality, sports social organizations at all levels held more than 100 events at the city level and above, held Or host 25 games of provincial and above activities such as the Women’s World Championships in the World Championships. All the villages and communities in the city hold and participate in more than 20,000 national fitness activities at the county level and below, and participate in the fitness of millions of people.

As of the end of 2017, the city’s eight districts and counties and 89 towns (streets) have all established sports associations. The number of village-level sports associations has reached 1,78, and the province’s first counties and towns (streets) have been the first in the province. The sports associations are fully covered, and the city’s 12 municipal sports associations have reached the level of 3A or above. Organized two training sessions for social sports instructors and trained 1,704 social sports instructors. Give full play to the role of the national physique monitoring network and complete more than 4,000 physical fitness monitoring. 6 pieces of “cage football” field, 4 assembly swimming pools, 3 new urbanization provincial demonstration towns, 7 rural new-type communities, and orderly advancement of poverty alleviation projects in Qiancun; construction of Wuyang Lake sports leisure town in Boshan We will strive for a funding of 3 million yuan from the State Sports General Administration. The funds for the management and maintenance of fitness equipment in all districts and counties will be allocated 2 million yuan. 11 individuals including the Municipal Sports Federation and the National Games Marathon champion Tang Hui and other 9 individuals were commended by the State Sports General Administration as the 2013-2016 national mass sports advanced units and advanced individuals.

In 2017, at the 13th National Games, a total of 102 athletes from Zibo participated in 28 major events, winning 16 gold, 7 silver and 10 bronze, and the gold medal ranked third in the province. The city’s best record in the history of the National Games. In addition, it has won 29 championships at all levels and above. At the same time, the Zibo Municipal Sports Bureau earnestly grasped the preparations for the 24th Provincial Games, clarified the objectives of the provincial Games, and issued the “General Plan for the Preparations for the 24th Provincial Games” and other documents. In the 2017 provincial project championships, the total score was first, the medal was second, and the gold medal was third. Successfully held the 17th Games of Zibo City, nearly 10,000 athletes participated in 38 major events of 555 small items, showing the achievements of sports development. In 2017, Zibo sports industry continued to grow and develop. The sports material manufacturing and paving industry with Shandong Yinuowei Polyurethane Co., Ltd. as its core has the largest sales in China. There are more than 170 units and enterprises engaged in fitness service industry in the city. Home; the city’s large-scale sports venues all achieved free low-fee open, receiving nearly 1.1 million people in fitness. He has successively hosted the “National Origin Cup” International Youth Football Championship, the Chinese Football Association Amateur League, and the Chinese Volleyball League Shandong Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Main Event. At present, the city has formed a variety of comprehensive formats such as sports product manufacturing, stadium operations, sports fitness and leisure. The sports industry has become an emerging force driving economic growth and boosting economic and social development.

Gao Yibo, director of the Zibo Municipal Sports Bureau, said in an interview that in the new year, studying and propagating the spirit of the party’s 19th National Congress is the main line of all work in the city’s sports front. The city’s sports system should focus on the overall orientation of the “one goal orientation, four efforts to build, and ten first breakthroughs” by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, aiming at building a “sports strong city” and fully promoting “sports+” and “+sports”. In all aspects of work, we will make great efforts to play an important role in the provision of public services, economic growth, and building a harmonious society. We will vigorously promote the development of sports, economic and social integration, and constantly create a new situation in the development of sports, and strive to accelerate the modernization of Zibo. In the construction of big cities, they are at the forefront and take the lead in breaking through. (Lu Yuan)