Your sleep inhibitor is probably not very good at monitoring your sleep

Jawbones and Fitbits are nice, but there are still some health information that your brain performs best on. Like this: How did you sleep last night? In a recent Reddit AMA, Ying-Hui Fui, a sleep scientist at the University of California, San Francisco, explained that while dresses do a good job of measuring movement and heart rate while you are sleeping, they will not give an accurate picture of quality the rest of your night.

"To really know the quality of sleep, we need to be able to measure the EEG during sleep," Fui said, which means electrical activity in the brain. "Most EEG devices are hard to use and costly." In other words, do not retail for $ 99 and clips neatly in your clothes. The best way to locate your sleep, then, is the old-fashioned way, said Fui. More about this:

You still know yourself better than Fitbit does.

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