You know what's best for you, so you stop giving your power away

"Insight is not a lamp that fades into our heads. It's a waxy fad that can easily disappear." ~ Malcolm Gladwell, Flashing: The power of thought without thought

If there is only one thing I would absolutely love every human on this planet to understand, it is his own inner knowledge. And if I could have two things, I will add the power that inner knowledge gives to each of us.

When it comes to what's best for you, your mind is the only one that counts – and you can use it to change your life.

It is easy to brainwash in this society, because from the start, when we have no choice but to be dependent on others, we teach that others know better. This inadvertently teaches us to repress our own desires, feelings, ideas and opinions about the world.

My parents, perhaps like yours, had very strong opinions about what was right and wrong. If I stepped out of these limits, I was punished and not allowed to experience the natural consequences of my thoughts and actions. This introduced restraint in the equation and other harmful feelings such as anxiety, anxiety, fear, guilt and so on.

With a feeling like this in the mix, reinforced for many years, taking action based on our own ideas becomes difficult. At best it is full of an obstacle course of emotional bombs waiting to be launched along the way. In the worst case, we lie, freeze and live our lives in the opinion of others.

As Malcom Gladwell says, it is too easy to unravel the ideas your inner knowledge creates – especially after years of suppression.

When our parents imposed their limits and their views, they were often very legitimate and probably rehearsed the cycle of what they were taught. But this generalized and widespread trust in power, which is perpetuated by meaningful people, raises the issue.

He did not teach me to trust my instincts or intuition. these were not words that were still a common part of my vocabulary. However, who else can I really trust? If I live my life in the opinion of others, can I ever be happy?

We are each this unique cocktail of highly complex DNA, experiences and emotions. Other people can inspire me, yes, they can reflect on me what they hear, see and / or feel from me, but I am the only one who can really answer what is best for me. I started to really get this almost twenty years ago.

"If it sounds" switched off "to you, it's probably. Trust your instincts," he said.

This was on a telephone conversation that took place across the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night. A mentor, in a successful network marketing business, was turned into espionage. He interviewed the national press and presented it to Dateline NBC.

I will never forget it. I have been a member of the business for seven years. There was nothing wrong with the plan to make money. was legitimate. There was a "personal development system" sitting beside him, which also worked well. the development I had submitted was undeniable and worth every penny.

It was the secret approach of those who were in influence, the hidden gains from the "system" and the piece that played in their planned lifestyle success to attract others to follow the example, that was the problem.

At best, there was a lack of transparency. In the worst case, I could say there was a deliberate attempt to deceive in order to continue to fit those pockets of influence. I had suppressed the "there is something they do not tell me" often feels. When I heard what my mentor – one of the previous elites had to say – I felt a sense of relief. I could finally trust my intuition.

That was my twenties. Since then, I have done a lot of work to try to regain the sense of who I am, what she really thinks and feels about things. It's not easy. I can never "overturn" the experiences I have had, but I have come to examine them in a new light.

I have learned that everyone everyone has to offer is a point of view. It does not matter what the subject is, who the person or body is, or how high you hold them to your appreciation. it's just an opinion. Just look at how many "experts" in any field disagree. The only truth is what feels from the heart, and it varies from person to person, from moment to moment. it's as unique as the cocktail we all are.

The arbitrariness in the world is not easy. The feelings associated with these older views, boundaries and consequences are part of the fabric of who I am, but I and I go anyway.

And at every step, together with my new advantage and the support of others who forgive me in this quest, my confidence gathers and shapes new habits. Best of all, I feel happier in, as life is about taking now, not in a fantastic future, when I met the needs of everyone else.

Every time someone asks for my advice, I always remind them to receive only what echoes. But it is not surprising that people often do not doubt and see others for answers. Someone once left a comment on my blog with contact information for a guru who saw they had solved their problem for them, but that told me just that they had given their power off.

It's nice when I look at others as a support or even as a mediator, but if I see them as the person who solved my problems for me, I rely on them again and again. I raise their power and reduce my own, in my head.

And that's the real question. These are our thoughts, the things we believe to be true.

The only reason someone else may appear to have solved my problem for me is because I do not understand and can not see my own role in resolving it. The very fact that I see what is as a problem creates resistance to me to see the solution. It's like losing " my keys. I say to myself that I do not "see" them and it literally dazzles me to them.

However, the problems of other people do not seem so insurmountable. we tend to have fewer doubts about the abilities of others than ours. So someone else's belief in us to resolve it, especially someone who is highly appreciated or considered a guru, reduces our resistance to the solution that was there for us to get together.

There is only one time I do not fully trust my intuition, and that's when I have fears and self-confidence. I am always aware of my entry into this world, the conceptual views that shaped my early beliefs. I know how much self-confidence I still have despite the years I focus on things to build my self-esteem.

While I have a great gift to understand others and their dilemmas when I turn to myself in moments of anxiety, I know that my ability to read between the lines can become more paranoid. Then I find it useful to look at someone else to make it easier to see what's really going on.

But there are other things – the things that happen around me, the way my body feels, the dreams I have – all this can tell me what really happens beneath the surface more objectively than my mind.

While I would ideally be born in a world that taught me to cultivate and appreciate my inner knowledge, my intuition, from the very beginning, simply to know it and to use it often, also has very good results.

For example, moving to New Zealand, even if it moves in New Zealand to a new city in recent years, these were intuitive moves. While my head could explain the rationale, bypassing all of this was this sense of "feeling right".

Trust in what feels right for us and the courage to follow it gives us the power to create our best life.

Sometimes I get feedback from people who really promote and promote at this point, a point that I think is absolutely critical to understanding that any of us has the power to change our lives anywhere.

It does not matter whether you are a monk, meager, homeless, overweight, degraded, ill, really ill, feeling useless, being a villain, abuser or even a psychopath, while there is breathing in your body and conscious thoughts head, I believe we all have the power to change without exception.

I'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible.

A quick Google search will fill your glass with an example of, for example, people who have turned their lives around. Libraries and bookstores are full of in-depth accounts of people who have changed their lives for the better. The inspiration is there, the tips and tricks and the views are there, you only need one thing – believe you can.

And, as I have said, if you can not believe it enough to continue, find someone who believes in you until you begin to prove it correctly.

While other people can not live your life for you, they can help boost your confidence when you want to make changes. If you need to increase your self-esteem, find those who support the changes you want to make and let their faith in you be the thing that pushes you to promote. Today, with online communities and forums, it's easier than ever to find what you need. Although you will be surprised at how others appear in your life when you wait less.

Start by creating a conscious awareness of your spontaneous thinking patterns and behaviors. Awareness of what is happening is crucial, as 90 percent of our thinking patterns are just a repeat of yesterday and, as we do repeatedly, we are less aware. The easiest way to turn this around is to meditate and take some regular time to ponder.

Take the time to listen to your thoughts, to really feel your feelings, to start trusting your own intuition. This is your true opinion of anything and it is the only one that counts. With this, you can begin to look at the positive changes in your life, looking for examples of when things have worked out for you in the past.

And finally, think of a life where others you know are just as aware of their own thoughts and feelings, their own knowledge and intuition. A world where people focus on their own authentic happiness rather than trying to be "quite satisfied" to meet the standards of others. For me, it feels like a happier world less critical, more free. free to evolve. We can help create this world by showing people around us what we seem to trust.

Consider this step for yourself, and your loved ones, and not only will you change your life for the better, you will have changed our world for the better.

About Shona Keachie

Sonna teaches with the power of the example how he can find our inner truth among the often frequent daily practices of life. It regularly provides people from all walks of life with a new perspective on what they feel stuck in and is happy to get in touch. To follow her blog, click here. Visit it at

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