You ask me what are the symptoms of diabetes?


What are the typical and atypical symptoms of diabetes?


In addition to high blood sugar, some sugar friends will also have some symptoms related to diabetes

Typical symptoms:

can be summarized as “three More than one”, that is, polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and weight loss.

 What are the symptoms of diabetes in your question?

Atypical symptoms:

1 often feel tired and tired;

2 vision loss, unclear vision;

3 skin itching;

4 hands, feet often feel numbness or tingling;

5 wound healing is slow;

6 frequent or repeated infections, such as urinary tract infections, bloating and fungal infections;

7 male impotence, female vaginal dryness;

8 extremely easy to starve;

9 nausea, vomiting.