“You ask me to answer” People who need regular diabetes checkups?

People who need regular diabetes checkups?

1, weight loss, no reason can be found, and the appetite is normal;

2, women who give birth to a huge child (weight> 4,000g);

3, have pregnancy complications, such as multiple abortion, pregnancy poisoning, polyhydramnios, fetal death;

4, age over 45 years old, body mass index ≥ 24;

5, limb ulcers last forever;

6, 40+ Have a family history of diabetes;

7, obesity or overweight, especially those with abdominal obesity;

8, those with hypertension and hyperlipidemia;

9 Reactive hypoglycemia;

10, perineal itching, vision loss, repeated skin infections and lower extremity pain or paresthesia can not find the cause.