Yes, the current data suggests that replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat is good for you

I was somewhat disappointed the other day when answering my post for the only 48 (add "Get Vaccinated") health advice words will ever need that there was a lot of confusion and pushback about my recommendation to exchange unsaturated fat for saturation when you – some even suggested it was a typographical error. Well, it was not a typographical error, but they seem to be mistaken. "Replace unsaturated fat for saturated fat if you can"is the same as"Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats if you can".

But there were also many who read it correctly and who got confused because they think saturated fat is actually a healthy choice.

Now I know there was a lot of food gurus when TIME journalists and magazines tell you that saturated fat is good for you and while I agree it may not be as bad for you as in the 90s (or I in the beginning 2000) would have claimed, and while yes, there are nuances in all of them, the data still involve saturated fat in the genesis and progression of heart disease.

Do not believe me?


But you would believe Drs. Ludwig and Volek; (Dr. Ludwig is the main author of the low-carb diet and the increased energy spending that fell last week and the Director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Center at the Boston Children's Hospital, and Dr Volek is one of the most productive researchers with low carbohydrate content and the founder and chief scientist of Virta Health) both contributed to a huge piece of consensus published this week in science titled: "Greasy Fat: From Enemy to Friend?" (it is full text for free now btw).

All the piece is worth reading, but if reading whole pieces is not your thing, here are the points of consensus with Dr. Willett and Neuhouser (the focus is mine)

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