Wuxi Food Festival in the Late Night Cafeteria on August 13

August 13th late at night Wuxi food articles in the cafeteria

1, Yangzhou: professional counterfeiters “stare” on the food label, a supermarket bread “low fat” freely marked complaints

Buy low-fat bread, the fat content of the food nutrition label exceeds the low-fat standard, which is a clear violation of the Food Nutrition Labelling Regulations &hellip.

The reporter learned from the Yangzhou Hanjiang District Market Supervision Bureau yesterday that such complaints and reports received more than 10 pieces per month. Such professional complaints are mostly caused by professional counterfeiters. Labeled into a fire point.

2, 2018· The 3rd Nanjing International Wisdom Agriculture Expo registration channel officially opened

The reporter recently learned that the third Nanjing International Wisdom Agriculture Expo audience The registration channel has been officially opened.

Nanjing International Wisdom Agriculture Expo is the first exhibition in China with the theme of smart agriculture, from Jiangsu Agricultural Society and Nanjing Agricultural University.

National Information Agriculture Engineering Technology Center, Beijing Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association, Beijing New Intelligent Agriculture Research Institute, Nanjing Runzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Agricultural Society Wisdom Agriculture Branch, Nanjing Agriculture The committee, the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Jiangsu Yangtze River Fruit Industry Research Institute, the Netherlands Trade Promotion Committee Nanjing Representative Office, and the China Agricultural Mechanization Association Facilities Agriculture Branch.

3. Jiangsu Yizheng conducts tea special inspection

This newspaper aims to ensure the quality and safety of tea during the Yizheng Green Spring and Spring Tea Culture Festival in Yizheng, Jiangsu Province. Recently, the Yuetang City Market Supervision Bureau of Yuezheng City of Jiangsu Province conducted a special inspection of tea-type tea safety for 23 tea production enterprises in the jurisdiction.

4. A number of questions about imported milk powder and medicines were seized in the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou

A few days ago, law enforcement officers of the market branch of the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou Gusu District were in During the inspection, it was found that a relatively hidden food business household in Northeast Street sold imported milk powder, infant food, and imported medicine.

5, Dad interferes with his daughter in bed: a child is abolished, starting with this parent.

This article is transferred from the public number: Pavilion (ID: guoguan5000), please contact the National Pavilion to open a “three no” vehicle, and some people do “three no” parents.

The “three noes” parents moved themselves for a while, but they delayed their lives.

A recent entertainment news said that the star Zhu Yuchen and his mother quit the recording of “My Boy’s Kid”.