Women's Coaching & Training Academy Spotlight: Lori Brodie

Name: Lory Brody
Age: 46
Location: Island of Amelia, Florida

What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Academy and the GGS-1 certification?
My first thought was YES! I have been watching GGS for a long time and I have it A modern woman's guide to power training. I knew that GGS certification would be amazing real. I remember changing my workout and work schedule the day it went on to make sure I'm one of the first to sign up. (I would be curious to know if it was the first – probably one of the top ten that I would guess.)

What are you doing?
I am a certified mental health nurse certified by the board of directors. I have a master's degree in psychology and nurse education and I work in my Doctor's Nursing Practice. Today I teach two different nursing schools, teaching Nursing Mental Health, Developmental Psychology and Critical Thinking. I love the teachings of our future nurses!

Until recently, I also worked as a pediatric psychiatric nurse in acute psychiatric care and with children with health problems.

What elsewhere you do;
My job at my PhD lasts a lot of spare time, but I like going to the beach with my husband, visiting friends and family and going to the gym. I look at the exercise as a reward, not as a punishment, and I like it a lot. I would say that my hobbies are exercise and education.

The best compliment you received recently:
I recently received two congratulations that really made me so excited. One was that I was really good man and the other was that I had inspired someone to make changes in his life.

The most recent compliment you gave to someone else:
It is my practice to congratulate someone every day – for a real reason. If I see a stranger on the road and like what he wears, I tell them. Today I told a colleague how much I appreciate her expertise and patience, since it helped me resolve an issue.

Favorite way for yourself:
A 90-minute tissue massage and a good glass of wine afterwards.

Favorite Quote:
I have two:

If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." – Elinor Roosevelt

Three words that best describe you:
It is determined. Passionate. Genuine.

Favorite book:
Does the GGS-1 book count?

What inspires and encourages you?
Trying to be a better version of myself is perhaps my best motivation. For many years I was too overweight and unhealthy and I did not like it. The push of myself physically and mentally is a huge motivation for me. In fact, I gained the accreditation of my personal coach a decade ago to train myself as I was having difficulty working with anyone else at that point in my life for many reasons.

I try not to give my source of motivation to anyone else so it will not disappear. It's mine to own and I can only hold myself responsible for it.

With that I said, I have many wonderful exogenous factors that contribute to my motivation! I have two very young grandchildren and I want to be able to run and play with them for many years, that's why I'm motivated to stay healthy and strong for my family, them!

I am also always inspired by women who help other women, and people are just kind to others. I am a great believer in paying forwards.

Kindness inspires me more than someone who calls me to work harder.

Describe a typical day in your life, from waking up to sleeping time:
I honestly do not have a typical day or program anymore. What I love about my job is that I have flexibility. I wake up anywhere from 5 to 6:30 am I go straight to the gym (after the coffee course) to start my day, but a few days I work first and then go to the gym at lunch.

I have learned that the best thing about me is to make myself successful, which means I have a plan before I go to sleep every night (with a written list for the next day), but I also have a backup plan. In this way, if I planned to get up early and go to workout but I wake up tired and need more sleep, I can make a B plan (like sleeping a bit longer and workout in the afternoon) and still achieve my goals day.

Regardless of this, I always have a written list of what I have to do the day and I always make a new list before I go to bed. I've found this system of writing things down keeping my mind from trying to remember all these "to-do" objects at night and I sleep much better! And who does not love crossing things from a list of obligations all day?

Which situation in your life will lead you to sign up for GGS-1 certification?
I'm working for my PhD in nursing practice and I'm looking at my dissertation on a topic related to women's gymnastics. I thought that this certification would be the perfect complementary knowledge for my existing knowledge base as well as possibly inspire me to curb a specific dissertation statement.

How would you describe your knowledge of women's training before signing up for GGS-1 certification?
I think the combination of a nursing school, as a woman, gaining the certification of my personal trainer through the American Council for Exercise and having my own health and fitness struggles over the years has given me a strong enough knowledge of special training of the women. I have done many independent surveys on women's training, which I think have extended my knowledge in this area.

What was the best place to go through GGS-1 certification?
There were so many things I liked about this program. I really liked that there were really books that could sound crazy, but for whatever reason the e-book thing does not have the same effect on me. So the lessons themselves were so great.

Having a background in psychology, I was so impressed by all the behaviors and psychological information woven throughout this certification. Understanding motivations, barriers and customer thought processes is a prerequisite for a successful and cooperative working relationship. And it is absolutely necessary for customers to achieve their results! This program repeated this throughout the book.

The chapter on the difference between the social structure of sex and the biological definition of sex told me "Yes!" loudly more than once. I've worked with teenagers who have struggled with identity challenges and I think GGS has done a great job of presenting this information.

The measurement section actually showed me. I can remember that my measurements were criticized and inappropriate more than once. I also thought it was a great reminder to those taking measurements that even if it is something a practitioner can perform as a daily task, it is so important that you do not go to the "autopilot" when you do it. Taking the time to explain the process, maintaining the appropriate distance, being sensitive, and remembering that you count a person is so important. This information made me think how many times I got vital signs, weight and height in the patients and probably did not take the time and care I should have.

This program has increased my self-awareness and has prompted me to be better in my future practice and to be more glorious to myself.

Now that you are an official certified GGS-1 coach, what impact do you hope to have?
I hope to use this information to help with my dissertation. I am sure I will refer to the manual as one of the evidence-based practice sources! I also hope to work one day in the field of fitness with some skill. I have examined online coaching focusing on issues of self-esteem for young girls or women in general.

How has your thoughts changed in the training of women by completing GGS-1 certification?
It reminds me that so many women struggle with various issues of weight, self-image and health. Taking the time to recognize each person is one atom with individual needs and desired results is so important. There is no size that suits all the strategies, but there is a need for coherence in empathy, support and encouragement.

What would you say to someone on the fence to sign up?
Just. I am doing. The. Seriously, I can understand the hesitation because it is an investment both economically and in time. However, I firmly believe that we never underestimate the value of quality education. GGS-1 certification can only help trainers, no matter where they are in their career or experience. There are educational and motivational elements throughout the lesson that will benefit all (and all) women who want to train women.

You can connect with Lori to Instagram here and here.

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