Woman anti-aging diet tips

Woman Anti-Aging Diet Tips

Milk is the most economical and delicious nutrient for women, goat milk beauty skin care, anti-aging small recipes

1, Drinking pure goat milk for a long time

woman resistance Aging diet tips
woman anti-aging diet tips

Because goat milk contains EGF (epithelial growth factor) and SOD (superoxide dismutase), long-term consumption of whitening skin care, the ancient book records: “constant drink goat milk , color is like a virgin.”

2, goat milk cake

Woman anti-aging diet tips

What to eat for breakfast? A luxurious meal is not as good as making a delicious goat’s milk cake! Adding goat’s milk to the cake, the taste is more delicate, it is easier said than done, and it is not difficult to do it~

Woman anti-aging diet tips

Materials: 2 eggs, low-gluten flour 35g, goat milk 20g, sugar 10g, butter 10g, The amount of water is appropriate.


a, first enter the egg 2, and stir with the egg beater

b, in the egg Add sugar, goat’s milk powder, stir evenly

c, add flour to egg ratio of about 1:5 (depending on individual taste), stir into a thick paste

d, finally Add one-sixth of the cooking oil to the stirrer and mix well. Pour into the cake machine and make for 3-4 minutes.

Woman Anti-Aging Diet Tips

Efficacy: Healthier, more delicate

3, eat Goat milk whitening, remove chloasma

Woman anti-aging diet tips

Materials: 250 ml of goat’s milk, 2 eggs, 50 g of rock sugar, appropriate amount of water.

Production: The water will be boiled in boiling water, poured into goat milk, boiled, beaten into eggs, stirred and boiled, and ready to eat. Can be eaten regularly.

Efficacy: Make up the gas, benefit the six internal organs, moisturize the skin. Apply to face black and dark, chloasma, freckles.

Woman Anti-Aging Diet Tips

4, goat milk stewed trotters

Woman Anti-Aging Diet Tips

Woman Anti-Aging Diet Tips

The pot is set on fire, Add appropriate amount of water, boil it; put 1000 grams of washed pig’s trotters; cover the pot, use simmer to simmer the pig’s trotters; add 250 grams of goat’s milk, 30 grams of salt, boil and serve.

Effect: Beauty, increase skin elasticity, and also treat postpartum blood deficiency, anemia, and less milk.

5, white sesame goat milk

Woman anti-aging diet tips

Continuously eat for several months, leaving skin moisturized, white clean, spleen and stomach cold The disease is greatly relieved.

Woman Anti-Aging Diet Tips

Practice: white sesame seeds to remove impurities, saute;

white simmer for one night, cut into thin slices, cooked;

Put the goat’s milk in a casserole, boil it with fire, add white sesame and white peony liquid, add honey and mix well, serve once a day, alone.

This side, yin deficiency and blood heat are not eaten.

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