With the rich father of R&A, the British Women’s Open is so cool under the big tree.

Speaking of the British Women’s Open, one of the women’s majors, most people will probably compare it to the oldest British Open and subconsciously host it with the British Open. Fang R&A is associated with it.

 With R&A's rich dad, the British Women's Open is cool under the tree

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I have to say that in the past two years, this association has no problem at all, because R&A is indeed the organizer of these two majors. The relationship between the British Women’s Open and the British Open can be described by the brother-sister relationship. Some of the nine rounds of the British Open have also hosted the British Women’s Open. The 2018 British Women’s Open is at the Royal Lytham Stadium. Held, and the Royal Lytham Stadium last held the British Open in 2012. Although the British Women’s Open is not the same as the British Open, it will be the scope of the course. Only the nine on the list will qualify. However, given that these two events are the same parent, the so-called fats and waters are not outside the field. Such resource integration, R&A has always been an expert, and in the future, similar interactions between the two majors will probably be more frequent.

However, you may not think that R&A was the organizer of the British Women’s Open in the past two years. This event was founded by the Women’s Golf League in 1976, from 1994. Started to get the US LPGA certification, LPGA’s blessing finally achieved the desired effect in 2001, this year, it upgraded to a women’s major. Over the years, after years of intensive cultivation and care of the women’s European tour and LPGA, the British Women’s Open has firmly established its position and reputation in the world’s women’s high altar, including Zeng Yanni, Ochoa, Sorenstam and other famous people. Win the championship at this event. However, compared to the British Open, the British Women’s Open obviously has a lot of room for development. The timely appearance of R&A is crucial. As one of the most powerful golf institutions in the world, the influence of R&A is obviously Far more than the Women’s Golf League. Under its operation, the two-year British Women’s Open has a new atmosphere, and the classic Links Stadium like the Royal Lytham Stadium is increasingly appearing on the tournament’s list of venues. There are signs of moving closer to the British Open. In contrast, the Woburn Golf Club, which is known as the “House of the British Women’s Open”, is not a Link style (the Woburn Stadium has hosted this event 11 times). Now, R&A obviously does not want to miss the British woman. The Open has the opportunity to promote the Links-style course to the world. The strongest evidence is that the St. Andrews Old Course is also involved. It hosted the British Women’s Open twice in 2007 and 2013.

 With R&A's rich dad, the British Women's Open is so cool under the tree

2018 Scottish Women’s Open champion Ariah

On the other hand, although the event has been certified by LPGA for many years, it is like the American male players who did not want to climb the mountains and wading to participate in the British Open until Palmer appeared. Aside from the change, before 2017, the proportion of LPGA players in the British Women’s Open team is not comparable to the other three major championships held in the United States. Since R&A won the right to host the British Women’s Open in 2017, the Scottish Women’s Open has also been accredited by the LPGA, so that LPGA players can compete in the UK for two weeks, just like the current PGA Tour top. In order to better prepare for the British Open, the players will consider participating in the previous week’s Scottish Open and the latter’s lineup will be improved. The Scottish Women’s Open will become the true “grand slam warm-up”. Greatly increased the appeal of these two events among LPGA players. The upgrade of the Scottish Women’s Open should also be promoted by R&A. Of course, the bigger upgrade is the British Women’s Open itself. When R&A takes over, the prize for the event will be raised from $3 million in 2016. 2017’s $3.25 million. It is reported that the contract between the British Women’s Open and the title sponsor Ricoh will end this year. For other events, the expiration of the sponsorship contract may put a lot of pressure on the organizing committee, but there is a rich father of R&A, and the British women’s open is like the emperor’s daughter, so don’t worry. There is no sponsor to take over, at that time, it should be more broad in the bonus and other aspects of the shot.

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