Why you might want to get out of the Kale brands

As it was my tradition, in December I rebuild the old favorites from years gone by. This year I'm looking into 2015.

I've identified them as I wandered around Whole Foods before I returned to the movies.

The package screams health. "Cabbage","Dried in the air, not cheese","GMO free","MSG Free","Gluten free","Vegetarian"

Turn the pack though and you may be surprised to find out some things.

The 640 calories of the bag are 16% more than the Big Mac 549 (and more grams for the gram from Doritos) and pack the same amount of sodium gram per gram with Lay potatoes.

Diet data is also strange.

Looking at the 28 grams of raw cabbage, you will notice that it contains 86% of vitamin A% DV and 56% of vitamin C. And yet the 28 grams of these dehydrated teas you might imagine will account for more than 28 grams of raw materials given dehydration, have 97% less vitamin A and 73% less vitamin C.

Leaving aside the fact that if you really are looking for the nutritional benefits of kale, at least as compared to Kaley Kale Chips, the real kale is the way to go, some may say I'm very tough. He can say that the bag is not intended for consumption at a meeting. But as you can see from the photo where I hold it, the bag is no larger than the middle checkout bag bag and at least with a chip, you will not convince for a moment that you are a healthy choice.

If you want the chips to buy chips. Simple.

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