Why should I study financial planners?

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? Let me study financial planners? I want to learn financial planners? There are so many training institutions and so many training courses. Can’t I go to study?

Warri believes that because of “life needs”, so study; because of “life pressure”, so learn; because of “increasing wages” so learn; because “your customer needs”, so learn, because …

Why should I study financial planner?

Customer discards you, Looking for your colleague

A few days ago, a buddy said to me, “I can’t figure it out. I have been doing financial management in the bank for so many years, and I have done many financial planning solutions for my clients. Speaking, my customers should be countless, but why are my clients actually few?”

I asked him, “Where is your customer channel?” “”

He replied “bank counters, telephone consultations or friends to introduce channels.”

Yes, with so many channels, the customer volume is not as big as the counter, so how can his customers be so little? Unless… I can’t guess, to solve the problem, we must understand the root cause.

I asked him again, “How do you manage your financial plan for your clients?”

He smiled. “The plan? We are all They are recommending new financial products…..”.

When I finished listening, I want to cry again and want to laugh. I want to cry. I really guessed it. Think about it. The pressure on life in this year is too great. Who lives on dead wages? It’s not a mistake to recommend some of your own bank’s products to get some commissions, but my good buddies, then you have to have a degree. The bank’s recommended wealth management products, the people are recognized, but you also have your professional ability. Let’s judge it! If I am your customer, I really want to cry! Why do you want to laugh? My confused buddy, I really have to find an institution to learn the financial planner course to improve my professional knowledge and professional ability. Otherwise, if the bank is like a financial manager like you, then your customers are more and more blamed…

Classroom knowledge:

Why does the Waldorf Army emphasize that as a bank financial manager, must be “professional”?

Being a bank manager is a service for the public, not a bank exam and interview. You can do it for yourself. The more professional you are, the better you must be able to analyze and evaluate the financial situation of your clients, and tailor it to your customers based on their career stage and risk tolerance. A reasonable financial plan.

This way, your bank will have more and more financial clients, and you will accumulate more and more customers. On the contrary, like my buddies, customers will be less and less. !

So what do you feel like after doing the banking manager like this?

In 2014, a 70-year-old woman in Guangzhou bought a wealth management product with a yield of 10.5%, and invested 1 million hard-earned money at a time. I did not expect that after 3 years of expiration. Only 25% of the principal is returned, and the interest is not 10.5% of the contract. It is only calculated at 3.25% (PS, the bank’s two-year interest rate is 2.25%) because it is too trustworthy for the bank manager. It was a big mistake. I thought that I bought a bank that was guaranteed to protect interest and interest, but bought a private equity fund that was privately sold by a bank manager.

So, as a Volkswagen, we must be cautious and cautious when going to the bank to do financial management. I also hope that the bank’s financial managers will not go to the public with personal money.

To do wealth management, we must do real wealth management for our clients!

Why do you want to manage wealth management and do real wealth management for your clients?

The real wealth management refers to the service of value preservation and value-added for customers. Waldorf knows a firm (trusted to Leahy Financial Planners), and they have three The founder, headed by Nie Xudong, insists on professional planning, professional service concept, adheres to the principle of win-win with customers, and introduces a new way for the majority of financial planners. What most financial planners want to do but do not do, is to do real wealth management for customers.

It is gratifying that they have continued to grow for several years and continue to make profits. Although the scale is not large, they have implemented the position of our financial planners and stood on the customer’s side to meet the real needs of customers. The original intention of achieving a win-win situation with customers.

And as a financial planner who manages wealth management for clients, can you do this for your clients, or even surpass them?

Why is the insurance salesman more and more difficult?

Finally, let’s talk about why our insurance salesman’s job is getting harder and harder.

According to Xiaobian’s understanding and analysis of the CHFP Elite List, there are the following main points:

First: Your customers know more than you know, Professional;

Second: The program you have done for your clients has no practical significance.

Like, I originally had a friend. He has been selling for 6 years, and certainly has some loyal customers. The second customer bought insurance from him, but suddenly one day, the accident happened. The insurance policy was like a slap in the face, not enough to support his expenses. In the contradiction between personal survival and professional ethics, he chose to leave. Serve customers and do the road to wealth management.

Think about the original intention, why are your customers looking for a solution? First of all, he has needs, and even more has his own goals. You can solve problems for him. You are his “good housekeeper”. On the contrary, I believe that you “understand”.

For example, if your client is my Wall Army, then for the first time you can’t meet the goal of the Wall Army to discuss with you, you can forgive, the second time I can endure the Wall Army, the third time The Wall Army wants to say a word: You can roll it!

Right, I am looking for you to solve the problem for me, but if you didn’t solve the problem for me, it’s not too much trouble. It only means that you are not suitable for my “good housekeeper”. You can only look for the next one, so it is only when your customer is dug the wall. In fact, it is not the corner of the wall. It is your professional ability is not enough, your reserve capacity is not enough, the customer can only leave.

Moreover, according to Xiaobian, most of the insurers have already embarked on the road of “real wealth management” for customers, and still rely on those who only provide insurance services for customers. Can’t hold the pressure to leave!

So how do you do “real wealth management”? Financial planner knowledge can help you achieve professional knowledge and skills improvement.

What are you waiting for, learn the knowledge of financial planners, and let yourself be better!