Why not celebrate marketing fruit with children using cartoon characters

A few weeks ago I noticed the Public Interest Science Center that Kudos gave to Disney and The Lego Movie to license their animated characters to sell pineapples and bananas.

I do not share their enthusiasm.

This is partly because neither Disney nor the Lego movie have any betrayal that allows their characters to sell crap to children. McDonald's recently announced that Disney has fortunately received many millions of dollars of them (the actual dollar cost was not announced, the last one was $ 100 million) to include Disney games again at Happy Food, while the Lego Movie , well is already in Happy Food.

But my biggest objection is that we should not target children with advertising in the first place because why should it be advertised anything in a population that has been shown to be unable to distinguish the truth from advertising? And so even if your ads happen to match your definition of what's good for kids, it does not change the fact that it's just unethical to allow advertising to target children's time.