Why is cancer not a terminal illness? Oncologist: Just rely on these two points!

Cancer, once a cold-faced killer, has almost no chance of surviving wherever he went, but after years of development, some people say that cancer is only chronic disease , some people still think that the cure of cancer is a one dead road, then, today we will tell you that cancer is not a terminal illness, by these two points>!

Why is cancer not a terminal illness? Oncologist: Just rely on these two points!

First, cancer is actually very gentle

In fact, cancer is also classified as “character”, and some cancers are very virulent. Once it develops, it will rapidly deteriorate, and it will hardly give people a chance to survive. Some cancers are very “gentle”, and the 5-year survival rate is surprisingly high. It is really unfortunate that they suffer from the following cancers.

1, thyroid cancer: Thyroid cancer is slow in all cancers, and for the treatment of thyroid cancer, it can also be “one size fits all”, even if the cancer spreads The thyroid can also be removed by surgery. The prognosis is generally good. Most people can pass the test for 5 years.

2, prostate cancer: The growth of prostate cancer is also very slow, so slow that life may be over, but the cancer has not yet “sick”. Because prostate cancer has a very small impact on normal life.

Why is cancer not a terminal illness? Oncologist: Just rely on these two points!

3, melanoma: melanoma generally grows on the surface of the skin, visible to the naked eye, surgical resection Yes, so most melanomas can be found early, almost equal to recovery after treatment.

4, testicular cancer: For the treatment of testicular cancer, the testis can also be resected to achieve the purpose of cure, for advanced testicular cancer can also be treated by surgery, survival rate Also higher than other cancers.

5, breast cancer: There are many methods for the treatment of breast cancer, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, etc., the effect is quite good. But if the cancer has already metastasized, the difficulty of healing will increase accordingly.

Second, new therapy is very strong

1, immunotherapy

The body’s immune system has always been a weapon against harmful cells. If cancer cells want to survive, they must find ways to escape the surveillance of the immune system. They have been published in “Natural Immunology”. After research by scientists, they have found “switches” of immune cells, and as long as they are restarted, they can use the body’s immune mechanism to eliminate cancer cells.

2, anti-cancer vaccine

A British research team found that a virus called ARE can attack brain cancer cells, which means This virus can break through the blood-brain barrier.

Another anti-cancer vaccine is a “dendritic vaccine”. These dendritic cells are collected from the human body and, after being cultured in vitro, are re-armed and injected into the human body. These cells can accurately locate cancer cells and destroy them.

Why is cancer not a terminal illness? Oncologist: Just rely on these two points!

3, starving cancer cells

This “starvation” is not the other “Starving to death,” the way to starve cancer cells here is not to eat or drink, but to cut off the nutritional “supply” needed for cancer.

Scientists can use the “poison” instead of “nutrition” to allow cancer cells to absorb, and finally “poisoning and dying.” And this “poison” may be an enzyme, may be an amino acid, and it is not the same for different cancers. And this method does not affect healthy cells.

So, we see that not only a lot of cancer itself is very gentle, but with more and more effective treatments, we have reason to believe that the fairy tale of cancer will eventually end.

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