Why is cancer found late? Are all “drag”

Medical technology is advancing, but cancer is still arousing fears. Many people know the fatality of cancer and always be cautious, but the medical checklist is cruel to show the late stage of cancer. Everyone knows that the cure rate of early cancer is high, but why is cancer always found late?

 Why is cancer found to be late? It is

Why was cancer discovered in the late stage?

1. Unwilling to seek medical treatment in time

The attitude of most people to the disease is: This is a minor illness, go to the pharmacy to buy some The medicine will be fine. In fact, this reflects the dysentery and medical psychology of those who are unwilling to face and do not believe in diseases. Many people even think that going to the hospital is a suffocating and unlucky thing. In addition, the news of medical accidents also makes people’s medical standards strong. The distrust, I feel that doctors will only exaggerate their own conditions and open expensive drugs. Going to hospital for treatment will not only cost money but may also be worse. These erroneous thoughts make people reluctant to seek medical treatment in time, and therefore cannot detect cancer symptoms in time.

 Why is cancer found to be late? It is

2. Lack of Health awareness

Many people in reality are too confident about their health, and even think that cancer is far away from them, often missed the opportunity to find cancer early, especially for certain cancers. Early symptoms are easily confused with common diseases. For example, early symptoms of colorectal cancer and acne are similar. Early symptoms of gastric cancer are similar to gastritis. Most people cannot distinguish early symptoms of cancer and treat it as a common disease, so it will delay the best treatment opportunity. And the growth and reproduction of cancer cells is strong, and it may be late in cancer when it is discovered.

 Why is cancer found to be late? It is

3. Early symptoms of cancer are not obvious

According to relevant surveys, about 90% of cancers have no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and most cancers develop rapidly. It can develop into the middle and late stages of cancer in a short period of time. Most cancer patients find it is the late stage of cancer because of discomfort. Everyone needs to know that the early stage of cancer only invades an organ or tissue of the body, and does not interfere with the operation of other organs. It is also difficult to detect with the naked eye when the internal organs are cancerous, so it is difficult to find the discomfort of the body. Although there are a small amount of bleeding, physical exhaustion, and sudden weight loss in the early stage of cancer, most people do not pay attention to the early signs of cancer. When cancer cells are found to affect body function, it is already in the middle and late stages of cancer.

4. Ignore cancer screening

Many companies organize employees to take medical examinations, and most of them simply go through the field and even think that the test results are normal. Everything is fine, in fact, this does not achieve the purpose of checking the health status, and the routine physical examination lacks the step of cancer screening. Cancer screening has positive implications for early detection of cancer, but cancer screening costs are higher, such as the cost of a common PET-CT examination of up to 8,000 yuan and medical insurance cannot be reimbursed because of the high price and widespread knowledge of screening Not enough, so everyone will not take the initiative to do this check, and therefore missed the opportunity to find cancer.

 Why is cancer found to be late? It is

Cancer is terrible but can’t be buckled with “must die” because early cancer has a high cure rate after active treatment. Everyone should improve their health awareness and pay attention to regular medical examinations, which will help to detect cancer early and eliminate cancer cells in the cradle. in.