Why I still have problems with position theory and weight restoration

Last week I watched some people who both follow and respect the discussion on the theory of the reference points – you know that what sets your body defends a certain weight so that after loss, your body will in a sense try to return started. And I tried to do it openly, I did it really, but I guess my confirmation bias got the better of me because the conversation let me upset.

This does not mean that metabolic adaptation does not exist. It certainly does. Metabolic adaptation is the full term referring to the very real fact that weight loss leads to a reduction in resting metabolism, a reduction in the heat effect of meals (the cost of metabolism of what you eat), a reduction in the energy cost of physical activity, and to changes in hunger hormones that in turn could lead you to eat more. Generally, this also leads to the very real fact that weight loss is far from linear and usually stops earlier than expected or desired.

But it is the point I'm accused of finding myself back to the original weights I'm struggling with.


Because in general, it is presented as physiologically guided. My belief is that while metabolic adaptation definitely and somewhat unfortunately influences how much weight it can lose with any effort, it's really the sociology that drives most of the most people's recoveries.

What I get is that people do not find the most or all of their lost weight because their bodies actually tell them to regain most or all of their lost weight because when they stop the diets they are in, back with diets consumed in advance and diets, I mean the way of life.

For example, they may stop packing their meals and returning to their cafes, grocery stores or in the car. They can restart their regular nights with friends and return to eating more alcoholic beverages and / or sugary drinks. They could restore some (or most likely all) snack foods and cuts they had cut while "it's good"They can return to their predefined predefined automated portion sizes and of course their old pre-set flavors.

In a nutshell, people find their lost weight when they recover their lost lifestyle, as they instantly bring them back to the average daily calorie intake before weight loss, which in turn backs their weight loss weight.

This brings me back to another confirmation forging. The more weight you want to lose permanently, the more you need to change permanently, so the best diet in the world for you, is what you really enjoy enough to keep. No, it may not lead you to lose as much as a magic stick would allow, because metabolic adaptation will occur, but if you really enjoy your new diet and do not return to your old lifestyle when you abandon the excessively strict diet that leaves you miserable, you do not need to worry somehow, magically, because of a "benchmark", you will end right where you started.