Why diets can never work

Why diets can never workAs the author of a popular fitness blog, I receive an email almost every day from people who ask what diet they should use because their diet does not work and especially because everyone seems to win after stopping their diet. Well the simple answer is that diets simply can never work.

Okay, to avoid the risk of looking a little crazy (I actually give a positive review of some diets) I'll go to the simple one, so you can know why a diet will never work and what will work.

Diets can never work because they are only temporary. How many of us have fought from the loss of a colleague who was in Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Atkins? Of course, after their return, we did not congratulate them for the return of their old habits, but in reality they were the old habits that came back to the night.

The life of a diet

There is always a feeling of enthusiasm when someone starts a new diet. It is like any other change in lifestyle when we start a diet, we want to see our perfect self in the future instead of the warts and those we live now. The first few weeks in the diet are full of small victories, size pants here, 5 pounds there, and finally we not only pride ourselves on losing, but actually we identify ourselves with weight loss. The problem is that you can not sacrifice forever and eventually you have to stop losing and yes maybe people in the office do not really ask for much about the exciting new diet anymore.

Eventually the diet is over. We have reached a goal, stop sacrificing or just give up. Let's say, for example, that the latter is happening. Hit your target! Now all the stars are aligned and you feel great for yourself, have pride and sense of accomplishment and eventually go to bed. What's happening tomorrow.

I will tell you what will happen tomorrow, very often when old habits come in. After the original goal, nothing remains and you are tired of sacrificing. Eat two candies (you lost all that you deserve). You start to go out with the people from work at night, eat a little longer lunch and then before you know you're over 5 pounds, then 10 and then you feel like a loser to keep things up but habits is already headed in the wrong direction.

Enough of the strange story.

I told you that I will tell you what will work and after all I know you want to know before you reach the magic goal.

What can you do to make a diet?

The fact is that a diet is not enough enough, all a diet is in your body is a phase that will eventually end. What you really need is a change in lifestyle. Eating better is good, but just losing and feeling better is not enough. When chocolate calls you need a bigger and deeper reason to keep the rules you have. What are your rules?

This is the first major part of the successful loss of life, what do you think is important? What is the role of food in your life? What are the rules you have in the food arena? What are the foods you just do not want to eat anymore? Remember that once you finish your loss, all the foods you deny yourself are expected to return to your diet. You can not get rid of food forever, but you can just decide that these foods will no longer be important.

The next big part of your life will be your relationship to exercise. We all know we have to exercise, but if the diet goes well and we can avoid exercise then many of us will miss it altogether. What you really need is a goal-based exercise program. I can not think of anything worse than knowing that you have to practice for 30 minutes a day for the rest of your life. A better way of exercising is to become a social event. Join a hiking club, get a squash team together, join an online forum that talks about success in the exercise. If you only look at exercise as an important job to lose, then once you lose, there will be no reason to continue and guess what, you will not continue. Just like eating it will be important for you to make sure that the value of your exercise internalizes an important lifestyle option so that after the day you reach your goal there will be no decision the exercise has just become part of your life.

The time to act is now

Regardless of where you are in the diet cycle, you just start, but almost to your goal or, on the other hand, to the upward movement, it is important to decide on the role and value of diet and exercise that will bring you for the rest of your life and not only until you hit your target.