Why did not I lose weight?

Often things take a little time to influence. Sometimes you do all the right things, but you do not see results and you change tactics, do not do this go out.

When people start a new diet they get excited to do all the right things and then in the first week they lose about 5 pounds and are very excited about the results, then it comes next week and they lose only pounds or nothing at all and daunting sets in.

What are Yoyo diets?

You hear a lot about the yoyo diet, winning and losing just to win it again and often this is because people are discouraged and do not let the changes they make to influence and change to a different kind of diet.Why did not I lose weight?

Although our bodies are complex and in many ways can change very quickly, the loss does not tend to be one of them

If you eat all the right foods and get the exercise you need and then at the end of the week you have not lost anything because diet and exercise do not work?

probably not.

Often, when you make big changes your body will start a bit of a reaction. You will retain water, your metabolism will be slowed down by the fear of starvation or your body will not have anticipated the changes.

You should expect changes in weight loss

Often your diet and exercise changes will not appear for a couple or even three weeks. Many of the big food companies know it. Jenny Craig weighs only once a week, as watchers and Weight Watchers warn people not to weigh at least a week.

As you have probably noticed that your will varies throughout the country in just one day so that any changes you see are very difficult to predict from week to week yet.

Stay on a lesson doing the right things and give yourself at least a few months to see if you are heading in the right direction.

Do not just take into account the scale, but also examine how you feel, how your health is, how your energy is and how well you sleep. What you want from any diet and exercise program is to improve all areas of your life, not just the scale of the bath