Why 90% is not enough

Now that is the playoffs season of College Basketball and we've passed the sweet 16 and we're closing in the final 4, we'll see a lot of young guys interviewed after games and often say things like "I gave 100%" or "I left everything I had on the court "or my ugly (as my daughter says)" I gave it 110% ".

Did it give 110%? Well that does not make sense, but the reason people say it is that they want to emphasize that they have left nothing but what they did today.

Why 90% is not enoughThe fact is that it is impossible to give your workouts, whether it is 100% cardio of everything of all time. You have off days and you have times when you are a little tired or your diet is not there that day.

In order to make real gains of ionic strength or weight loss in fat you have to exceed your pattern, over 90% and remember how these college athletes do things trying to reach the final 4.

I always thought that if I do a series of benchs, the first iterations are useless for strength gains. The only representatives that matter are those who push beyond the already known limits of endurance and you reach levels of power where you have never been, the last two repetitions are where all the muscles are created so your point knows what it takes next time.

Likewise, when you are doing cardio, the first minutes of a walk or a trip are only warming up. I never look at workout as a real fat burning and endurance creating until I'm over 30 minutes or when I'm over 80% of my maximum heart rate.

This week examine all your workouts. Are you pushing as hard as you can? Go through the moves? I know there are shorter times but if you do not reach your goals right now, why not "go the extra mile"?

Get a new sense of what's possible by pushing harder and faster in the next two weeks to levels of fitness that you have never reached before.

My new Spring is running

Right now I'm starting a new treatment that I have not done for at least two years and I'm sore, really pain for a few days after. Although I whine and complain, I know that this is what it is going to take to naturally inflate the muscles, to push myself into a new normal level of strength and ability that my hips, knees and seldom use my core muscles do not it's just getting used to it.

The other thing I really try to call is my diet. Taking a better handle in whole foods, eating less rubbish and taking care of my body to have the fuel to be cured. To rest, I get a little more sleep of high quality and stretch to get lactic acid from my muscles.

The harder it is to push beyond your self-imposed limits, in the end, immediately after training, is very satisfying. The results come pretty fast and you know that it hurts and your body needs to be cured in between, but doing these hard trips sometimes a year gives you much more confidence in what you are capable of. Go to bed with more satisfaction.

Even if you get up in the morning it can be a bit harder and there's little win when I go down the stairs right now, I wake up with a smile on my face and I'm sure you're so good.