Which are really healthier? [Infographic]

Potato Sweet Potato: A nutritional debate fueled by misinformation, unfair "supernatural" obsessions and carbohydrate phobias. See how these tubers compare – and why both deserve a place in your diet.


A few years back, some crazy nutritionists decided to figure out whether white or sweet potatoes were "healthier."

One group compared it glycemic index and sweet potato vs potato load. They suggested that, since white potatoes tend to be higher, they should be avoided.

Another group suggested it sweet potatoes are a vitamin A superfood &, placing them ahead of white potato competitors.

And, of course, carbophobes had their own shot: All the potatoes should be avoided because it's too high in carbohydrates and all of these carbs will lose by regulating your insulin and will cause fat gain.

Nonsense, all that.

Both white and sweet potatoes, when eaten as part of a balanced and voluntary diet, provide a fantastic variety of nutrients while also contributing to the saturation and flavor of every meal.

Check out this infographic to learn more about white and sweet potatoes, and why you should consider including both in your diet. (You can also download them for your printer or tablet).

Do you want to share it with your family, friends and customers? Click here to download the infographic and print it or save it on your tablet.

For a more complete approach to this issue, please refer to our accompanying article, "Sweet vs regular potatoes: Which are really healthier?".

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