When you first mind, you will still mind at the end.

You have to be careful, you think it is a matter of your heart, or maybe it is in another organ. – “Orange is not the only fruit”

You would mind if you first thought about it.

When you first thought about it, you will still mind. All the broken mirrors are just a repeat of the same mistakes.

It was late at night when KK called. Xu was crying for a long time, and his voice was hoarse. It was very distressing but powerless.

She asked me if this hurd could not pass, so many setbacks passed, and the one who stopped the way was the first one, she was not willing.

I asked her if she would like to spend the same amount of time to grow up with him. The phone was a bit silent. Yes, we are hard to bet on the confusing gamble.

You have already understood the hunch that is getting more and more clear in your heart. You know, it is the feelings that are slowly changing and the water is difficult to collect.

You started by mind, to In the end, I will still mind

When “Previous 3” Meng Yun shouted in the square, I still had the hope of turning around. The next second shot is when Lin Jia risked his life to eat mango, only to know that this situation is not back to the original.

Those things to be sacrificed with life must be enough enough to be painstaking, and what path to choose after the pain, will be clearer to each other.

Those things that make you sad, like a malignant tumor, you can choose to remove it, or you can pretend not to care, but you know that it will not leave you anyway, hiding it or not Will erupt.

The first time KK was wronged, it was also because the boyfriend was too childish. The child certainly does not consider the feelings of others, so the subsequent forgiveness has not covered the first crack.

He is good at everything, just like a child. The helplessness at the moment is like a flood of beasts. In fact, is not the first time alone, but in the end it will always be painful to remember to give up.

You start Mind, in the end, I will still mind

I have to cry a few times before I know that not all tears have stories, not all sadness will heal.

In childhood, the child represents cute and innocent, slowly adding naughty and quail eggs, and then rebellious. When you grow up, your child means responsibility and cannot calculate the responsibility for return.

Like a program running, you can add and subtract its content, as long as the framework is still in the target. But the premise is that you are willing to spend more time to change an unknown program, half the battle.

I know that KK is not willing. She said that she was not afraid to pay and wait at all, but she still had nothing to gain after her hard work. Such disappointment is a gap that time can no longer make up.

You started by mind, to In the end, I will still mind

The sorrow of the parallel line is not close, and the sorrow of the line is the opposite of the encounter. Both of these roads require the two sides to change their tracks, and not one of them will be able to catch up with each other.

KK broke up with her boyfriend.

A lot of things are like this. I think that I will slowly forget it over time, but I can’t pass it, but it’s the heart. Obviously, I really want to regret it. I just can’t find a way to go, and I silently tell myself that it is always wrong to go forward.

There will be a day when she walks alone to everyone with a very calm smile. It is not strong, it is the joy and courage of life.