"What should I drink?" The best Buide in the world for wet nutrition.

Think of this graphic as the simple answer to every question you have ever had about a drink. And here's a surprise: You don't have to swear the drinks you love in the name of better health and nutrition. Instead, use this guide to make beverage choices that suit your lifestyle, taste preferences and goals, regardless of your starting point.


"I don't like to drink Anything! "

Do I ever feel this way?

When it comes to improving our diet, many of us have been told, quite a matter-of-fact: Cut down on calories.

No soda. No juice. No alcohol. (Oh, and I don't have fun!)

This good advice is at least partially justified.

Most drinks do not make us feel full, but they make up about 20% of the average person's daily calorie intake.

Tapping them out of your diet makes for a simple solution. The problem: It is often not welcomed.

This is because it directly limits your choices in water, sugar-free tea and coffee, and zero-calorie drinks. For some, this can lead to serious feelings of nutritional deprivation and make it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits.

Fortunately, there is another option.

Instead of making some drinks completely out of bounds, think about all the drinks in a row, from "drink more" to "drink some" to "drink less".

Need an optician? We've created just that with this handy infographic. (And if you want to make better food choices, see the "What Should I Eat ?!" infographic.)

Here's what to do:

Look at the sequel and ask yourself, 'How can I do a little better?

For example, if you drink four common soda a day ("drink less"), you can exchange one for a diet soda ("drink some"). Then, slowly, you continue to make adjustments by swapping some of your regular and nutritional soda for carbonated water ("drink more").

This is how you make a lasting change.

But that's just the beginning of what this infographic can offer. You can use it for:

  • Strategically Improve Your Beverage Options (Without Rapid Refreshment)
  • Adjust your intake of beverages for your lifestyle and preferences
  • Create your own personal follow-up and expand your beverage list

Everything so you can work for a better diet while still enjoying the drinks you really love. (Including milkshakes and jalapeño margaritas.)

Download this infographic for your tablet or printer and use it continually to decide which drinks are right for you (or your customers).

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