What is the test for prostatitis?

Prostate disease has always been one of the diseases that plague men’s health, and it is difficult to cure and it has become one of the highest incidences of male diseases in recent years. Prostatitis has become a common male disease. Many friends have been patient with prostatitis. How can such a common disease determine whether it is a symptom of prostatitis? Today we will continue to talk to you about this prostate. There are those inspection items in Yan, let’s take a look at the article below.

What is the prostatitis test?

What is the prostatitis test?

First: B-ultrasound is one of the most common tests for prostatitis. We can see the boundaries of prostate tissue through B-ultrasound. Unclear, noisy, can prompt prostatitis. Can also be examined by cystoscopy, through the cystoscopy we can see the light and moderate bladder neck obstruction and the degree of urinary trabecular composition.

Second: In general, patients with prostatitis will have a full, enlarged, and mild tenderness in their prostate. We can do a digital rectal examination. If the disease is longer, the prostate will become smaller, harder, and have a small induration. Also use prostate massage to get prostatic fluid and do a routine check.

Third: Prostatitis can also be used for prostatic fluid microscopy. Under normal circumstances, there are more than 10 white blood cells in the prostatic fluid in the microscope, and the lecithin body is reduced. prostatitis. If you also do bacterial culture, you can make accurate diagnosis and classification of chronic prostatitis. If the bacterial culture results of prostatitis are positive, then chronic bacterial prostatitis is diagnosed; otherwise, it is chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.