What is the smell of the diabetic population? | Diabetes knowledge

First, the cause of the stench of the diabetic population:

1. Diabetes causes endocrine disorders, reduces the amount of insulin secretion, and carbohydrates are difficult to decompose, causing active fat metabolism. Thereby, the acetone component is produced, and then passes through the lungs and is discharged from the mouth and the nasal cavity.

2, chronic complications of diabetes are roughly divided into two major categories of vascular system diseases and peripheral nervous system diseases. In severe cases, it can cause high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. In patients with diabetic neurosis, because the peripheral nerve is damaged, it is easy to cause oral diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, and oral ulcers, which are one of the causes of bad breath. Therefore, patients who are treated with diabetes should pay attention to oral management and, if necessary, go to the hospital for detailed diagnosis and treatment.

3. Hyperglycemia easily causes capillaries to clog, and insufficient oxygen supply to the oral tissues leads to mass reproduction of anaerobic bacteria that can cause bad breath. At this time, not only bad breath is caused, but also oral diseases such as ulcers and inflammation.

In addition, according to surveys conducted by relevant experts, diabetic patients are 2 to 3 times more likely to cause bad breath than non-diabetic patients.

The uneasiness and anxiety during the treatment of bad breath can induce high blood pressure. If you have diabetes patients who already have high blood pressure, it is not suitable for treatment of bad breath at present, because it may cause diabetic complications such as myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease and cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, diabetic patients who are difficult to regulate blood pressure should wait until the end of medical treatment such as congestive cardiac dysfunction to treat oral diseases such as bad breath.

Second, bad breath may also be diabetes:

Doctors remind that patients with obvious bad breath are also necessary to check blood sugar. Because diabetic gingivitis and periodontitis often occur.

Diabetes experts said that people with diabetes are generally prone to dry mouth, thirst, tongue color to deep red, tongue hypertrophy and other oral symptoms, studies have shown that patients with diabetes are severe or refractory The risk of periodontal disease is 2 to 3 times higher than that of non-diabetics.

Under the effect of high glucose, the gum tissue is weakly resistant, and the gums are insufficiently oxygenated, which promotes infection of bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria in the periodontal. At the same time, the metabolism of the diabetic patients changes, and the amino acid content in the gingival crevicular fluid increases, which may cause the plaque to further adhere to cause or aggravate periodontal inflammation.

The key to treating this bad breath is that the blood sugar is up to standard. Only by controlling the blood sugar, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after eating, and maintaining oral hygiene, can the periodontal disease be relieved and cured. In addition, the rational use of antibiotics in diabetic periodontitis is necessary.

In addition, developing good habits can alleviate symptoms. Such as daily diet to increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, drink some green tea, eat less sweets and garlic, quit smoking and alcohol.

The metabolic disease like diabetes is not terrible. It is terrible that it is difficult to change our habits, the temptation of diet, the laziness of behavior, and the excessive dependence on drugs after illness. It will only make our situation worse and worse. The author of this article gave us a lesson with personal experience, adding to our confidence in overcoming the disease. If you want to get more professional guidance and avoid the wrong way in controlling sugar, please join the internal test group of our honey pomelo club. Add sugar advisor micro-signal for details: itangyou