What is the performance of the early stroke? How can I prevent stroke?

The brain stroke is sudden and strong, and it has a great impact on patients. Therefore, it is necessary to master the common sense of stroke and early prevention. So what is the performance of the early stroke? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

 What is the performance of the early stroke? How can we prevent stroke?

1. Pre-brain stroke performance

1, numb

Everyone occasionally feels numb when waking up because of improper sleep posture, and activities can be resumed after a while. But if paralysis is sudden and it lasts for a minute or two, or if there are parts of the body that have this feeling at the same time, it must be highly valued.

The first thing is that one hand or one foot loses the feeling, then one arm, one leg, half of the face or half of the body becomes numb, but there are only a few fingers that are tingling. Paralysis caused by a stroke usually coincides with other symptoms, such as sagging muscles on one side of the face, or ambiguity in speech.

2, the hand is not close

The hand does not listen, the object held in the hand suddenly falls down, the finger is close or the fist is weak, it may be a transient ischemic attack Signs.

3. Speaking is unclear or rogue

Some people will not be able to speak for a while, some will make a meaningless voice, while others will not understand or understand others. The content, short-term unclear or aphasia, or involuntary hooliganism, is also a symptom of transient ischemic attack.

4, blurred vision

When a stroke or transient ischemic attack occurs, the patient often suddenly notices that the front becomes dark or gray, and usually only one eye is temporarily blind. The other eye is completely normal.

Or, the patient may have blurred vision or double vision (two images or side by side, or overlapping one another). In addition to semi-blindness, the muscles of the half of the face affected by the eye may also sag.

5, the lower limbs are weak and weak

The legs or one leg are weak and weak, and wrestling on the ground.

6, sudden and severe headaches

This is the most significant sign of hemorrhagic stroke. This type of headache is usually persistent and pulsating, causing the entire head to be very painful. Not a local headache. The cause of this headache is intracranial hemorrhage, in which blood flows from a ruptured blood vessel and flows into the gap between the skull and the brain tissue.

Second, what are the aura symptoms of stroke?

 What is the performance of the early stroke? How can I prevent stroke?

1, abnormality

In daily life, people with moderate personality are abnormal, if their personality is abnormal, their temper becomes very violent, they are silent, their memory is diminished, their reaction is slow, they have lost interest in many hobbies, and they appear If the appetite is not good, you should be alert to the stroke, mainly because of insufficient blood supply to the brain.

2, dizziness

Suddenly, I feel dizzy, and even fall to the ground, often feeling tinnitus, headache, vomiting.

With loss of appetite and severe pain in the head, or intermittent pain. If there is no lower blood pressure, cervical spondylosis should be alert to stroke, which may be due to insufficient blood supply to the system, resulting in imbalance of cerebellar balance.

3, there is physical weakness

A lot of patients, before the occurrence of stroke, will feel boring, more sleepy, and, unwilling to exercise, will also cause brain tired, Frequent yawning, mainly because of insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, causing cerebral ischemia, which is prone to such a situation.

4. Unclear speech

Heavy brain ischemia can cause dysfunctional language and cause the tongue to become stiff. This is easy to make speech unclear, and many times it can cause hearing impairment.

It’s hard to understand what others are saying, and there will be insufficient blood supply to the cerebral arteries before a stroke. At the same time, it also affects the language function of the brain, causing the language center to be out of tune.

Three, how can we prevent strokes?

 What is the performance of the early stroke? How can I prevent stroke?

Preventing a stroke, we must The risk factors for stroke are minimized as much as possible. Controlling high blood pressure is the focus of prevention of stroke. Hypertensive patients should take antihypertensive drugs on time according to the doctor’s advice. It is best to measure blood pressure once a day, especially in the stage of adjusting antihypertensive drugs to keep blood pressure stable.

To keep your mood steady, do less or not to do things that are easy to cause emotions, such as playing cards, ramie, watching sports broadcasts, etc.; diet should be light and modest, quit smoking and alcohol, keep the stool smooth; Activities such as walking, playing Tai Chi and so on.

The key to prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis is prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and obesity. Establish healthy eating habits, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less fat-rich foods such as fat meat and animal offal; moderate exercise to increase calorie expenditure; take hypolipidemic drugs.

Be aware of the signs of stroke, some patients often have blood pressure rise, fluctuations, headache, dizziness, numbness of hands and feet before the onset of stroke, and take measures as soon as possible after the discovery.

Effectively control transient ischemic attack. When the patient has a transient ischemic attack, they should be quietly rested and actively treated to prevent their development as cerebral thrombosis.

Attention to the influence of meteorological factors, seasonal and climate change will make hypertensive patients emotionally unstable, blood pressure fluctuations, induce stroke, and at this time, it is necessary to guard against the occurrence of stroke. Eat more fruits and vegetables, not easy to get a stroke.

 What is the performance of the early stroke? How can I prevent stroke?

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