What is the love story of a boyfriend?

How good is your boyfriend's love history?

When Wang Chuyi and the big guy who chased her for half a year, watch the screenshots of both of them, I thought How can a boy be so pleasing to the screen? We are jokes, if your boyfriend is so handsome, will you feel insecure? She said, but what really made her feel insecure was not related to the appearance of Shuai’s bombing, but his first love.

How good is your boyfriend's love story? ?

The handsome guy has a relationship for 5 years, and after the split is final, it is the fate. According to a good brother around me, it was sad after being separated from his first girlfriend.

Well, I’m listening to the plot of my boyfriend’s love story.

She played the powerful detective ability of a woman and found the Weibo ID of her ex-girlfriend. From the recent update to the last one, I came to two conclusions: they used to be very loving, and, as a boyfriend, like Kobe, she also likes Kobe.

She has seen all the evidence they have loved before, all kinds of mutual Aite, the university together to save money and travel all kinds of photos. Seeing the photos of her boyfriend wearing a school uniform and shooting the ball, for the first time, she knew that her boyfriend was not childish.

From the two men quarreling about the Cold War and reconciling, all the way to see the two people Weibo finally did not interact again, and finally the woman began to travel alone, saying something not salty or not.

How good is your boyfriend's love story?

The first day said that she was like watching a long and long movie, but the heroine is not a good life.

Why didn’t I have a library with you on campus, why didn’t I go through the stupid things with you. In the end, why is it that I have no luck in participating in those years?

You see, people are always greedy, especially when they fall in love with someone. Even those who are in the past can’t wait to have their own traces. The people who are greedy are always unhappy, not to mention that at some point, they can’t help but compare. Is he more in love with his predecessor?

How good is your boyfriend's love story?

In the past, the girl heard this kind of story, and I can’t wait to instill the chicken soup immediately, such as this: Spying into the boyfriend’s love story is simply a matter of triviality and trouble. . Not in line with the temperament of our women to be cool enough to be cool enough.

After all, we all admire those who are comfortable in love, and it is best to carry the full-fledged fan, full of pride. It is best to follow a set of “political correctness” in the relationship, so that you can always manage your feelings smoothly.

But recently, I’m deeply aware that there are really few people who can get everything right, and anyone will make a mistake. Love is also a foolish account, no need to rush to correct.

How good is your boyfriend's love story?

Back to the question of friends in front of the boyfriend’s love is too deep and lost emotions, we persuaded you, you are more beautiful than her, your character is more lovable. I am afraid that her imaginary enemy fantasy is too serious and affects feelings.

Until she made a long Weibo long article in the middle of the night, the outsiders seemed to be the “best of us” feelings in the past time. It seems that the person in the eyes is writing her boyfriend. Duan first love.

It is hoped that after a period of time to think about life, I finally realize it. At the end, she writes, thank you for your youth, and thank you for the future.

How good is your boyfriend's love history?

If you are also unhappy because of your boyfriend’s love story, then the girl wishes you to get out of this thinking phenomenon as soon as possible. Why is it not here for you? Because, you all understand the truth, people are living today. Only more often than not, emotions can’t be controlled.

Of course, if it’s a boyfriend who misses his past love history, it’s another matter.