What is the heart? Where is the heart?

How to manage the relationship between the heart and everything?

How to serve your heart?

Where is the heart?

What is the heart? Where is the heart?

The heart is in the spirit, the heart is called the spirit, the spirit is the record of the past things and things in reality, the re-enactment of the real things, the spirit is the emotion, the brain Thinking activities, the components of life.

The heart is in the nervous system of the brain, in the twelve pairs of brain nerves, different parts of the head!

The heart is in the sensory nerves, such as the eyes, the nose, the ears, and the heart is immediately felt;

The heart is in the motor nerves, such as the tongue under the tongue. It is easy to get angry when you eat something. This is called motor nerve.

The heart is in the mixed nerve. There is a special brain nerve in the sensory nerve, called the motor fiber, which highlights the central nervous system and is in the brain stem. Can you grasp where your heart is? Finding the heart is to develop the subconscious, and the subconscious mind is to find it from the twenty-four pillars below the central nervous system.

The heart is in the facial nerves, such as looking at the phase, a person grows well, and the heart is born, to grasp his heart, to see that the hair is thin and the head is bright, this kind of person thinks too much, thinks Too many questions and too many mournings, it seems that all the troubles are all troubles.

The heart works in the nerves of the brain and knows where the heart is.

The heart is in matter, in our flesh, in all objects, real objects, spiritual objects can be seen, time and space are around, then where is our heart in matter? ? We saw the movement of matter and saw that the car was running, and our hearts could suddenly walk in.

What is the heart? Where is the heart?

So, what era is it, the era of pursuing human liberation, the pursuit of spiritual liberation is divided into many paths, more than one, and Buddhism is only one kind. Just like playing the piano, if you are not careful, your heart ran out. At that moment of the soul, some people drank and drank the realm of the soul. Drinking more stupid and finding their own heart, the heart is very important in the material, especially in the energy. .

In the mind, consciousness is the observation of the human brain on the inside and outside of the brain. Everyone knows more about the physiologically conscious brain area. Freud divides consciousness into subconscious and explicit consciousness. This person is very intelligent, and the subconscious is buried inside.

The heart is in the consciousness, this is what everyone sees, and the subconscious mind can’t observe it. The subconscious mind is mobilized, it is called inspiration. Generally speaking, this person is very intelligent. How to fully exert his subconscious mind, this is enlightenment, open the depths of his own soul, hear the sound of a bird, and accidentally walk. Going in, like chanting, ringing the bell, following the ringing, and going in, what is a way and method, especially how does this subconscious move? How to present thinking in our consciousness.

The mind is in the mind, because people love to think, love thinking, we use language to convey the reflection of the objective world. For example, the Chinese nation mainly focuses on Chinese, and this language marks the relationship with other nations. The difference is that the current children go abroad to learn English, right? Yes, but if you can’t learn the realm, you must first learn your own mother tongue. The national college entrance examination reform will set the English at two percent. Is it correct? It is also to be considered that language is a process of reaction to the generalization and insight of objective things. Then thinking is based on this perception, and it can transcend the boundaries of this perception to explore and discover things.

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