What happened to the dream of flying? What is the indication? Still related to sex? The truth is here

People have dreamed of flying up. This kind of dream is very gratifying, because people can’t fly without tools, but in dreams, people can be like birds. Flying like it, it was an experience that could not be enjoyed, but the dream could help us.

When we fly in the dream, we are at high altitude, overlooking the earth, sometimes diving, sometimes climbing, or floating forward, rows of houses, trees, far below the feet We walked with the birds, raced with the goshawks, slid freely on the blue sky, and even flew over the plane. The feeling was really novel and exciting, free and enjoyable.

What is going on in dreams? What is it?

Why do people fly in their dreams? Some experts or psychologists give such explanations. Some people who say such dreams are active and younger. Some say that this person has a dream to realize; some say it is because people think of it. Childhood, returning to childhood, is a kind of child psychology; some say that because people are long bodies; dreams of supreme Freud even think that people fly in dreams and sexual behavior, saying that male genitals are up in erection Lifted, that in the subconscious means that you want to stretch upwards, and after the brain association, it becomes a flight.

I would like to say that explanations like this are simply thought out with the toes, completely unregulated and not reliable. Is it only young people who can dream of flying? Old people will not? But in reality, middle-aged and old people will do the same dreams; everyone has dreams, hopes and ideas to achieve, so dreams are simply nonsense; people are born in childhood or adolescence, and in young adults. In the old age, at any age, it is possible to make a dream of flying. It is more than just a young person. It can only be said that young people may have such a dream more than this.

Freid’s interpretation of dreams is often regarded as a standard, but the sexes mentioned here are not very reliable, or some are partial, because according to him, only Men will dream of flying, and women may not be able to “fly” for physiological reasons. But the reality is that women will also dream of flying. So unless a man dreams that he is flying like a Harry Potter on a broom, everything else has nothing to do with his explanation.

What is going on when you fly? What? Predict? Is it related to sex? The truth is here

What is the reason for people to dream of flying freely? I think the main reason is related to people’s sleeping position. Because when sleeping, people usually lie in bed, if you are lying flat on the bed while sleeping, the head is resting on the lower pillow, the legs are not evenly overlapped, the two arms are placed on either side, or straight out, like a The big characters are lying on the bed, and no one else or heavier things are pressing you, so you have the conditions to fly in your dreams. Or you kneel on the bed, stretch your limbs, feel comfortable, or fly in your dreams.

Why do you say that? Because this posture makes your body feel the most critical point – no gravity sensing. How can people fly without overcoming gravity? Therefore, the body loses its sense of gravity, which is the most important condition for flying in a dream.

In a sleeping position, if you are lying on the bed, your hands are not placed on your body, you are not resting behind your head, your legs are not raised or cross-pressed, then all parts of your body Basically, there is no gravity sensing. It is the same as stretching your limbs. You give yourself completely to the bed. The bed carries your gravity, and your body has no place to feel the pressure or need to be put down. Then you The body does not feel gravity. What happens when people are not in gravity? Of course it will float, so at this time you are actually floating on the bed. When you go to sleep, this feeling of floating will be magnified in the subconscious, and then through the imagery of the brain in the dream, you will feel that you are floating in the air, people can not move in the air, so you will put in the dream Arms, so the arms seem to be wings, began to fly with you, at the same time, the brain has created a space for you to fly, all kinds of scenery and feeling vivid, let you start to enjoy the feeling of flying.