What fruit is good for the skin in the fall?

Autumn What fruit is good for your skin?

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Autumn has been called the season of harvest, what is good for the skin in the fall? What fruit is good for the skin in the fall? What are the fruits that are good for the skin in autumn? Is it fairer to eat white fruit in the autumn?


Pomegranate contains ellagic acid, which protects cells from environmental hazards. It nourishes cells and slows down the body’s aging. It is an anti-aging beauty fruit. one. Peel the pomegranate seeds out of the juice and make the skin white and tender every day.

 What fruit is good for the skin in the fall?


cherry is rich in iron The quality and carotene can help the facial skin become white and rosy, wrinkle and blemishes. It contains vitamin A which balances sebum secretion and delays aging, and it tastes good.


The grape contains a large amount of grape polyphenols, has antioxidant function, and has strong astringent effect and moisturizing effect. It can deeply moisturize the skin and promote cell regeneration. Grapes, good for the skin~


The kiwifruit is mixed with pineapple apple juice to prevent aging, heat and reduce fire, moisten dryness, enhance human immunity, and eat more Kiwifruit is supplemented with vitamin C, and the skin becomes bright and shiny.


Grapefruit is rich in vitamins, organic acids and citric acid, which can promote skin metabolism, inhibit aging, inhibit pigmentation, and improve dry dull skin. Very effective.


Cucumber can effectively promote the body’s metabolism, not only anti-aging but also lose weight, refreshing cucumber juice can also help treat insomnia, summer is best for eating more cucumber.


Apricot contains sugar, fruit acid, dietary fiber, flavonoids, and vegetable unsaturated oil. It has a good soft nourishing effect. Fruit, making the skin smooth and tender is not a dream.

Saints’ Fruit

The virgin fruit can protect the elasticity of the skin, reduce the freckles and pigmentation of the face. It can be said to be a practical whitening fruit and vegetable, and it is contained in the sacred fruit. Lycopene also prevents cardiovascular disease.