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Self-service has become a popular keyword over the past two years. If you search for the #selfcarecare label in the social media, you will find about 10 million publications showing pictures ranging from pedicure, massage and vacation to pizza and bottles of wine.

For someone trying to figure out what self-service they look like, these publications can make it confused.

What exactly is self-care? Dr. Kara Mohr, PhD, and a behavioral change expert, defines self-handling as follows:

Self-care carries and honors your body, mind and spirit in a way that powers your best.

Choices of self-service are those that improve your physical, mental or emotional health and move you to the desired outcome.

Self-service choices move forward.

What does "move forward" mean something that only you can determine based on your personal preferences, desired results and what you need on a particular day. For example, getting a massage can be a form of self-care that moves someone forward on a given day while doing a challenging session workout can be the self-care that moves them forward on a different day.

In contrast to what is often seen in social media, self-care is almost always less bright than baths, massages and pedicures. Something that is often misleading for many of the self-care positions in social media is that the actual self-care choices are usually not the easiest choices.

Examples of self-care:

  • Choosing nutritious foods more often than not.
  • Drinking enough water.
  • Removing a social invitation because you only need time.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Choosing an early to sleep instead of another night out.
  • Pursuing personal development.
  • Going for annual doctors' exams.
  • Seeking help from a mental health professional.
  • Refilling your medications and more.

Self-handling is an investment your future.

When Self-Care is turning to something else

While self-handling will look different for everyone based on their personal circumstances, it may be easy to confuse self-care with behaviors that do not serve your best, or even may take you away from the desired outcome.

The difference between self-care and self-confidence

Self-confidence is a type of behavior that focuses on soothing and confrontation rather than moving us towards our desired goals and direction.

Concentration choices usually include things that are "easier" at this time, such as bypassing a workout, having another glass of wine when you decide you only have one, sacrificing the necessary sleep for more TV or social media, etc. .

By choosing quite often, self-confidence will keep you where you are, as opposed to progressing to the desired outcome.

There is nothing wrong with self-confidence and everyone chooses it from time to time.

The important thing is that you are clear about the possible consequences in order to make a deliberate choice.

When self-comfort turns into self-confidence

Self-confidence is self-restraint at extreme levels. Self-confidence takes a self-confident behavior and doubles in excessive amounts. Where self-restraint is the easy choice, confidence comes in all.

For example, if the self-concentration option remains to watch an extra episode on TV instead of going to bed when you're tired, the self-seclusion will be very common and you will watch several episodes and go to bed completely exhausted and ruin the next day. If self-comfort has a second brownie, self-applauding eats half a pan.

When done quite often, our self-imposed choices move backward, away from the desired outcome.

What about exercising?

Exercise, which is usually considered self-service, can fall into self-comfort, or even in the category of self-indulgence. For example, if a person uses extreme amounts of exercise as a response mechanism rather than working to solve the underlying issues, they may be self-confident. In addition, if a person participates in extreme amounts of exercise in order to be punished for what he ate, exercise can be considered as self-consumption.

Only you know with certainty whether your exercise serves your best, so it is an excellent form of self-service.

Choosing your self-care, self-confidence and self-confidence

The purpose of distinguishing between self-care, comfort and grace is to help you understand what behaviors are best for your own self and what behaviors can keep you stuck where you are or move you back. Once you are clear about them, you can make a choice as to what is really worth it and what it is not.

For example, I know that my behavior in the self-confidence of maintaining social media rather than going to sleep is never worth it for me, but having that extra glass of wine when I am dining with friends is worth almost always. Both of these options will fall under the self-service category.

This article is not meant to be regulatory or critical. Only you know what behaviors serve your highest self and promote you. Just remember:

  • Self-service options promote us.
  • Self-comfort choices, when done quite often, will keep us where we are.
  • Autocratic choices, when done quite often, will move us backwards.

The choice, be it self-care, comfort or grace, is yours. Take the time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What behaviors do you participate in what makes you feel good and transfer you to the desired result?
  • What choices do you consistently provide for comfort, but are they not really worth it? What are some alternatives that could fall under self-handling?
  • What behaviors provide comfort and is it worthwhile?
  • Which choices are a little out of the board and you suspect they are moving away from your goals? What are the alternatives that would best serve you?

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