What are the symptoms of cataract? 7 cataract examinations revealed a blurred vision

According to statistics, 60% of people over the age of 50 now have cataracts, and by the age of 70, they are up to 90%. Cataract is one of the most difficult eye diseases that affects life. It makes people look foggy and affects their horizons.

Cause reasons

What are the symptoms of cataract? 7 cataract examinations reveal the ambiguity of vision

When light enters the eye from the pupil, it first passes through the lens that adjusts the focal length. Under normal conditions, the crystal should be transparent and free to pass through, but with the aging, or eye injury, diabetes caused by eye lesions, excessive exposure to radiation, water and protein in the crystal began to aggregate and coagulate. An opaque object that causes the lens to turbid and the light to reach the retina will blur the field of view and affect the color seen.

One-minute self-testing method

In turn, cover one eye in turn. Because the binocular vision will complement each other, if only one eye is out of order, it is difficult to find the abnormal shape. Only by alternately covering the eye can the vision change be accurately sensed.

The following are some of the early symptoms of cataract. If you meet one of these, you should pay special attention to changes in your vision.

Test 1: No matter how far or near the item is, it looks vague.

This is the biggest difference between cataract and presbyopia. The most obvious symptom of cataracts is the blurred vision, because the crystals become cloudy, no matter whether they are near or far away.

Detection 2: Things look like lamination and residual image

Also related to light penetrating the crystal, it is disturbed by the turbid and diseased crystal fibers, making the field of vision Covered with a layer of frosted glass or fog mirror.

Detection 3: The degree of spectacles is not consistent. Recently, I can’t see clearly

What are the symptoms of cataract? 7 cataract examinations revealing blurred vision

The lesion of the lens changes the refraction of light into the eye. The glasses that were originally equipped with diopter became too low or too high, and of course they could not be seen clearly.

Detection 4: Sometimes I feel that the presbyopia has suddenly improved

What are the symptoms of cataract? 7 cataract examinations reveal the ambiguity of vision

The light is obstructed and the eyes need to adjust more effort to get more light. Invisibly aggravating the burden on the eye muscles and making the eyes more tired.

Detection 6: The field of view becomes like a yellow-brown old photo.

The crystal crystal will turn yellow in addition to turbidity. The world that looks out is like changing color, contrast, vividness is reduced, and the line of sight is darker.

Detection 7: Photophobia, seeing street lights or lights at night, feels very glaring

When light penetrates the diseased lens, some of the light scatters around the fundus, not entering the correct position to form the correct image, but the optic nerve is improperly treated. The stimuli make people feel glaring and fear the light.