Weight Topics: The Reward Project

So it's back to school time, and no doubt, many of your kids will have teachers and schools that will use candy and junk food as a reward.

It is also a shame, not only because they will provide your children with trash, but also because they will teach them over and over again, this trash is a reward for anything and everything.

I've written before about easy rewards for non-junk teachers, I also wrote about how you might want to approach things with your kids' pastry shoulders, and even watched a year of how alienated my kids were. . What was clear from the answer to all these pieces was how widespread this problem was and how frustrated the parents were.

So, as an indication of those years, in the UK, a new charity called The Rewards Project was created and its mission is trying to change that common practice. Click through and you'll find some sample letters to send to your child's school (though I think it would be much better if they came up with some alternatives and suggestions and as I wrote and linked above, praise the school and them his teachers).

All that to say, if there are charities that appear to be addressing this issue, it is clear that there is a real appetite out there for change. In turn this suggests – and my experiences with my children's schools and others would certainly support this idea – that your children's schools and teachers may be more open to changing things than you think.

You will never know unless you try it.

(Thanks to Dr. Miriam Berchuk for sending me this way)