Weight lifting program

What is the weight lifting program? I know mine tends to vary a bit, but on a weekly basis I believe that for me, the best weightlifting program is to workout three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on each of these days I will put on weight.

As for cardio, I feel like I'm okay these days with my bike from work and home and the only reason these days I hit the gym is to do the training that I can't do otherwise.

A weight lifting schedule

Weight lifting program
Weight lifting program

I've covered in the past what kind of workouts I would do in those days, but I basically stuck to a circuit training program that made me do three press-type circuits, side-by-side or rows, sideways, curls, and triceps pushdowns all at a very fast pace. kind of set. One thing I will touch on here is that I make each of my sets near failure.

The reason why it's a great way to work out your body is to be able to work hard for your whole body and have a few days off after that to rest. You will be tired after training but this way you can get a great weight lifting work done in less time per week.

Do this workout one day two or three times a week

Two-day weight lifting schedule

Once you have been working out for a few months you will have the problem of getting a great workout in your body weight training program one day and you will have to make some changes to push your body harder.

The other popular type of weight lifting routine is to split your body into two parts and work on these parts on different days. The most common way to do this "two day program" is to do some exercises on the ech of the chest, shoulders, hamstrings and triceps one day and the next day doing back, biceps, squares and calves. . This is also known as the push-push program.

When taking a two-day break you should be careful not to spend too much time in the gym and instead make good use of your time by replacing workouts and doing tougher but fewer sets to really push your muscles. you.

Weight Loss Exercise Program to lose weight

For people who want to lose weight I still think this weight lifting program is great. One thing you will want to add though is some foot exercises. To really promote your metabolism, it is important to weigh against your larger muscle groups and these will be the quadriceps, the lats, and the chest.

One thing to look out for is your recovery time. Years ago I found that my workouts would be too long and too often and I would always be over trained. If you start having problems with your workout, it is painful before you start, you are not making good profits, then you are likely to overdo things and the best thing to do is to reduce your exercise a little.

So what is the weight lifting program? Do you lift this often or not? What kind of exercises and number of rounds do you do?

Having a well-defined lifting schedule will lead to better gains and losses, regardless of your goals.