Weekly motivation check

It is very important to keep our motivation and make changes or at least maintain changes in our lives that are good while removing bad habits.

The problem we sometimes encounter is complacency.

The risk of submission

motivational abilitySkill always wakes her head at the same time as we work towards some kind of big goal and are part of the way.

How many times do you find yourself losing weight, meeting people, getting a better diet, and then suddenly stopping or jumping into your changes?

I have, you have, we are all bored of change

The thing with life is that we interact with people. Some of these people perceive us as better and some who perceive us as not as good as us and when we make changes we suddenly feel that we have made great changes compared to those around us.

This can either make us uncomfortable with being so different or we think we have done well. Both of these thoughts are dangerous and can be avoided.

Let's stop comparing ourselves to others

Okay, so today I wanted to write about a weekly incentive check, this is something I borrow from Getting Things Done.

In this book, David Allen writes about the fact that he had seen Sunday night about what happened last week and plans this week. This is critical so that people will not be forced to follow it and instead take control of your life.

Take this challenge for yourself on Sunday. Ask yourself a few questions and you get to decide how you do, not everyone else

Weekly motivational check for fitness

Here are the questions from last week:

1. How did I eat daily? Good? Bad? What did I eat, how did I fail with cheating, how did I feel about eating overall?

2. How many times have I trained? How hard was each workout? Have I gotten more cardio or weights?

3. How was my rest? Have I reserved free time for myself? Are there things in my life that are too busy for me to do?

4. Who was I looking for motivation in areas of my life? Did I hear others or my body tell me what to do?

Here are the questions for next week. Remember that these are based on the answers to the questions above.

1. Based on the last few weeks of eating, I can get a notch, can i design my food better? How can I avoid cheating or missing bad foods?

2. What is my training program? How can I improve it? Do I need easier training? Tougher training? More or less days away? Could it work at a different time of the day?

3. How do I make sure that I take care of myself this week? I go for dinner; Going to a movie? Read a different book? Meet new friends? Step outside my comfort zone socially?

4. How can I improve myself in all parts of my life? What part of my life is really missing and what will I do this week to improve it.

Eight questions? Twenty questions? Not sure how many they add, but it's really just a starting point for you.

The idea is, of course, to take a snapshot (Sunday night) for just a few minutes and see what works and doesn't work in your life and decide how to push harder this coming week to live a more exciting life full of joy , passion, happiness and excitement.