We are not the planners of children’s lives.

After working in contact with new media operations, I have read many articles on light and parenting, whether it’s soft papers, some parents’ mentality, educational environment, and educational methods. The description is particularly lively; but it will feel that the parents are very anxious, and the schools with all kinds of wonderful enrollment indicators are to cater to the parents who always want their children to be superior.

“You look at the neighbors who are better at sleeping children, you look at you again”

We are not the planner of the child's life

. This is what many parents love to say; comparison is the root of many parents’ pain; they are more irritated and anxious than others, and they are not as good as others; they are better than others to be better than others.

Children who are taught by such a way of thinking, a better situation is an ordinary ordinary child, and there is a situation where the psychological burden is heavy, the mind is narrow, and the evolution into all aspects is inferior to other children. So parents wake up! Let go of these ideas and identify with your children. Everyone is equal. Put down the comparison to understand your child and develop your child’s personality. What you really love is not to compare, but to identify the unique value of the child, not always Judging children by comparison.

 We are not the planners of children's life

Some parents will not be able to complete themselves, failing to The idea of ​​doing it is placed on the child; if you can’t do it yourself, you want the child to do it or the loser’s mentality; in fact, this is a very ridiculous one; maybe when the child grows up, he gives you a lot of hope. After the rest of my life, the child may tell you: Don’t worry about it, I want to be a farmer who is quiet and raises the baby while planting the land. At that time, what should parents do with their hopes for most of their lives?

 We are not the planners of children's lives

Many parents will always add a lot of unreasonable to their children. The burden is to create a better future for the children; various tutoring classes require key primary schools, middle schools, and key universities to be tested; how to design various routes for the future of the children; such a life, wait until When a child grows out of society, he suddenly does not know why he lives. I think parents should correct their mentality so that their children can learn well. They don’t have to make arrangements from time to time. We don’t arrange for ourselves. In fact, children can listen to their own inner feelings and do what they really like at the time, no matter how the results will be for children in the future. It is very beautiful. After all, they enjoy a pure and beautiful childhood. This is the respect and responsibility of the children.