Wasting Your Time?

"Life is what happens when we are busy worrying about everything we need to change or succeed." Relieve, watch and try to enjoy the moment. "This is your life." ~ Lori Deschene

I was on my way to work. Then I worked in a bar. It was one Thursday night and my turn started at 8:50 pm. I was late. I was hurting. It happened a block away from my job.

The green light changed and the world stopped. The next thing I remembered was I woke up in an ambulance. Paramedics asked me if I knew what happened. They asked me if I knew where I was, but everything was empty.

I do not remember how it happened. I do not remember much from nothing until today. I just went to work and the next thing I knew there was a woman in my driver's side window saying he was asking for help and an ambulance would stay there soon.

I was hysterical. I had no idea what was going on. Why was he calling an ambulance? What happened? Was anyone bad? Reality was split. Some part of me was in the car while the other was away. I've gone out.

A police officer came while I was in the hospital. He said I was hit on the side of my car passengers by a Chrysler Town & Country minivan. There were four boys eighteen years old in. Everything was OK.

I started to remember the accident a few days after that happened. I remembered that she fell on the passenger seat, bleeding and shouting.

At that time I did not realize I was injured, I did not even know what had happened. All I remembered was the thoughts that passed from my head. Not if I will be paralyzed or seriously injured. Not if I have the opportunity to go to college in the autumn. All I could think of was "I'll be late for work."

At that moment, instead of thinking about the things I cared about, all my obligations hit me all at once.

This experience made me think, because it was the first thing I thought was work, weekend duties and jobs? Why could my subconscious draw my attention to these things? Why was my boss, by all people, the first person I did? Was my life and my family less important than my job?

I was thinking a lot about that night in the following months. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. Not because I could be seriously injured or worse, but because it was the first time I realized that my priorities were all wrong. The things I stressed and worried about did not matter in the plan of things.

Five years have passed since the accident, but over the years I realized a few things:

1. Everything is temporary, whether pain or pleasure.

My 16-year-old brain started to realize this after the car accident but did not fully understand it until five years later. At that time, my whole car, keeping me mild but painful injuries, and having been still an adult and going to professional and family events, seemed like the worst thing in the world. I did not want to do anything about it. Sometimes through college I experienced a similar kind of grief when life just seemed to accumulate and crush me under the burden of responsibility.

Even when the world feels it will stop, it does not. Life goes on. You can figure out a way to go with it, and the pain eventually falls off.

2. Be always grateful.

Be thankful even when you feel like you have nothing to be thankful for. Be the most grateful when the times are tough because it reminds you how lucky you are when things are good. To learn to accept what gives you life and how to love the journey takes practice, patience and a grateful heart.

For a while after the accident, I spent my life feeling really angry. I was crazy that I did not have my car. I wanted to sue the boys who hit me. It took time, but I realized what happened to me was not the end of the world. I had all my limbs and I had the rest of my life to wait.

3. If we lose our time highlighting the little things we will do always to be emphasized.

Once you have come to the conclusion that all things are temporary, it is easier to leave small things because you know they are not worth stating. Give yourself the five-year rule. If it does not matter five years from now (and most things will not matter for five weeks now), do not let yourself get too much work for it.

4. We all get the same amount of time each day and it depends on us how we spend it.

I had this teacher in high school, Mr Fails, who stressed the fact that we all get the same amount in seconds in a day and it is up to us to use this time wisely. We have left our priorities to dictate the use of our time, but are our priorities right? Do we use our time to improve? Do we learn as much as we can and continue to grow?

I was not in the mood to do this yet, and I would not be for the next few years. The more spins and turns my life took and the more I saw people change without growth, the more I thought about the limitations that time may have.

I decided that the most important thing I can do with my seconds is what makes me happy to see myself learning and growing through writing through the challenges of life and through the blessings of life.

When is the last time you did something that made you happy? I do not mean temporarily happy. I do not mean that the summer vacation you went up to this was exciting for a second. I mean the kind of happiness that stays, you can think and smile, the kind of happiness you get from great love or do something you never thought possible.

We often support our happiness in material objects – homes, cars, clothes and stupid things that give us a quick dose of direct satisfaction. The kinds of things that will give you just joy for a moment of time in the plan of things.

Real happiness comes from using our time in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to us. For some, this can mean significant changes in life, but it can also mean spending more time with the people we love or enjoying the little things we could spare when focusing on our work and goals.

Life does not guarantee much, but it guarantees that there will be 86,400 seconds a day. You have no right in these seconds and I can not guarantee that you will get them, but, with you or without you, they will note.

When you enter your work everyday, when you are in an unhappy relationship that does not go anywhere and when you spend your time unsatisfied with the life you have created, I want you to remember that you have 86,400 seconds every day and it's your choice how you use them. Wasting Your Time?

If you are, because you think you have to lose or think seconds are not as important as hours and days, if you constantly say to yourself that you will do it tomorrow, remember this: the moment you got to read this article …

Someone was killed in a car accident, someone else was kidnapped, someone just suicidal, somebody shot, somebody got married, somebody got baby, somebody got back in love with someone, someone was wrongly convicted, somebody was intimidated, someone was crying, somebody got cancer, someone died from cancer, someone he deceived his wife and somebody found hope.

All this and many more have happened, while you sat there and read it. There are bad things happening in this world and there are beautiful things happening in this world. You never know what's coming, so why wast the little time you can have?

Find what makes you happy and do it! Do not wait for the right time. he can never come. Do not create excuses because there is always a way. You may not be able to make big changes right away, but you can make tiny shifts in your everyday life and take small steps toward the life you want to create.

Many people lose their precious time to worry about what they could, could have and never will happen. Be the kind of person who spends the time of loving, living, and letting go of what is insignificant.

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