Vegetable peas – 101 cooking books

Many of you were excited about the recipe of soup lentils that I published a few weeks back. Today's pea soup recipe is similar in spirit. It's a delicious, healthy, textured soup from an incredibly short list of ingredients. Seriously, just five! There is no ham in this version, just green cut peas and onions cooked to tender, partially cleaned, seasoned and peeled with garnish.
A really great vegetarian pea separator

Like many lentil soups, it offers many of the same nutritional benefits – a good amount of plant protein and abundant power. It is rich and full, and is even better reheated later in the day. You can find dried cut green peas in many natural food stores, I've got them in the basket section of the Whole Foods Market.
A really great vegetarian pea separator

Pea Seed Separation: Spoon finishing

I like to finish each bowl with a generous chopped gold olive oil, a few cups of lemon and a dusted paprika smoked to give the soup a little smoky depth. If you have onions or baked walnuts in the hand (picture), great! Throw some too.

I hope you enjoy the soup, and for those of you who have never tasted peas, it may be time to let them go!