Use your time or use it

Two grandparents teach children how to make cupcakes (while a child tastes the batter!).As centuries pass, great scholars, philosophers and businessmen have fought in the sense of time.

  • The English nobleman and writer William Peny said: "Time is what we want most, but what we use worse."
  • Apple founder Steve Jobs said: "Your time is limited, so do not lose it with the life of another."
  • An anonymous referral goes by itself: "We all make time for what we feel important in our lives."

No one can save time. walks every second of the day. We raise our age, regardless of discoveries in medicine, so the question arises: how can we make the most of our time on this earth?

What is your relationship with time?

What can you say about your relationship with time? Looking for more or less of it? Do you think your time is lost or productive? Do you feel that your time is passing, or do you have a grip on your time? For many people, life passes without realizing it.

If you love the most important moments in your life, you will become more co-ordinated with the "now" and you will not have time to spend it. This can be achieved by exercising some attention and meditation on a daily basis. Taking a few minutes each day to relax and think silently is a great way to renew and prepare for the next tasks.

With the right management of your time, you can enjoy more of them and be more productive. The time you spend well can enrich your life in many ways and generally increases your quality of life. If you spend your time with family, friends and loved ones, then instead of being alone and alone, memories will last for you all your life.

Time is stable

Time is a concept and a constant. The concept of time includes the elements of the past, present and future. The constant of time actually speaks that time goes on, with or without us. Our lives are, to a great extent, guided and determined, making the most of our time or allowing the course of time. Time is a constant in our lives, we can either manage how we use it or use it.

There will come a time when many, if not most of us, will look back and ask the question: "What have I done with my life and what will I do with my other days?"Sorry about what it was and could be done can become so scary to overcome your ability to see new possibilities. It is as if you are stuck in a time jam, from which you can not escape, as the past, the present and the future merge as one. You can not learn from the mistakes of the past, you may feel that you are doomed to relive your past in a kind of "Groundhog Day". However, this should not always be the way. Telling your sorrows in life will make it easier for you to find new pleasures as you grow older. It's never too late to enjoy new hobbies or engage in exciting new activities that you've never seen before.

Taking advantage of the current potential requires willingness and courage to look beyond what it could be: a life that was not built with grief or sadness but with hope and determination. Time then is appreciated for what it is, a constant that can either push you into an abyss of impotence or guide you toward new principles.

Creating your own path through time

It is said that the first step in creation is imagination. What does your imagination tell you about your future? Does it create new ways of thinking and behavior? If not, why not? Perhaps you feel so stuck, so disappointed that your imagination has been drowned by the reality of your creation? Yeah that's right! Your thoughts and underlying beliefs about yourself and the world around you play an essential role in the way you see and use time.

It will come a time when many, if not most of us, will look back and ask the question: "What have I done with my life and what will I do with my other days?" Each of us will come with ours answers. But perhaps we share a common desire, which is to live a life that is well spent.

Not everyone will be able to manage their time wisely, but those who do will reap the benefits of a fruitful life with many memories. For some people, this means that you are involved in counseling and treatment so that you can learn to manage your time better. Talking to a trusted psychotherapist and recalling what you've been doing all week can help you determine what you need to improve when it comes to time management.

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