Turkish Coffee Chocolate Coffee

Hello everyone, after a few weeks without eggs, we finally scored some. To celebrate? I bake brownies – the best brownies I know how to make. It is fleeting, deep dishes and declining with a ratio of fat (butter & chocolate) to flour. We ate some, froze some, and left some for neighbors. In addition to the chocolate candy batch in the beat, I call the number with the intensity with 1/4 cup espresso powder and an infusion of aromatic, freshly ground cardamom seeds that bloom in vanilla extract. It's a taste profile that I love every time I face it. They are Turkish brown chocolate brownies and I would be happy to use my last eggs and chocolate to make them.
Turkish Coffee Chocolate Coffee

Brownie Tips

Chocolate: I like Amy Guittard and San Francisco chocolate based on her family. For these brownies I use a 74% Guittard Organic Bittersweet bag. That being said, any good bittersweet chocolate over 70% is great. If you can only get semi-sweet now in the 60-70% zone – it will still be delicious, but look for bittersweet as your first choice.

Seasoning spices: If you have a coffee grinder at home, you can grind the heart seeds along with your beans when grinding espresso powder. That said, it's probably easier to use a mortar and pestle to quickly grind the cardamom – your coffee grinder will retain the smell of cardamom for a while if you don't clean it and it takes some effort. To clean a coffee grinder you can grind a handful of white rice to clean it from other ingredients and flavor.

Invest in a good heart: Many of you are familiar with Diaspora Co. turmeric, but don't sleep on cardamom. I use it here and it is incredibly fragrant and special. Other things you can do if you have a jar – abruptly brewing tea, grind a few seeds with your coffee beans in the morning, throw a few pods on skewers, etc. Fresh spices can make a huge difference in your baking.
Turkish Coffee Chocolate Coffee

Coffee selection

A dark, robust roast is welcome here. Anything characterized as espresso. You will want the coffee beans to be espresso – nice.

Brownie armor size

You have some flexibility here. I call for baking in an 8×8 inch pot. If you only have a 9×9 inch pot, I have baked them in this size, it will be a little thinner and you will not need to bake for as long. A 9×13 inch pot will result in a thinner brownie, you will need to bake for even less time.
Turkish Coffee Chocolate Coffee

A variation I want to mention. I like to use almond extract here instead of the vanilla extract requested. I'm coming out now, but if you have some, consider using it!

Other baking ideas: You may not be available for brownies, but do cookie recipes sound good now? I love these snickerdoodles, these cookie cookies, and this Cookie for the whole wheat chocolate chili. At the front of the cake, many people are baking this One Bowl banana bread right now. Kim Boyce's Olive Oil Cake is great, or if you're a workaholic for a while, make Violet Chocolate Devil's Food Cake.