Travel Planner: How to share a farm?

The types of shared farms are diverse, rich in content, vegetables, fruits, economic forests, and aquaculture. The construction of conditional villages, farms, and bases through infrastructure, industrial support, public services, and environmental features will realize the “three-in-one synchronization” of rural production and living ecology, the “three-industry integration” of the first two or three industries, and the trinity of agricultural cultural tourism. A new industrial model.

1. Choose the right place

Point 1: The venue should be comfortable and comfortable. There are places with mountains and water and a good forest environment. Such places can satisfy people’s spiritual needs. Key point 2: There should be ups and downs in the venue. Don’t be too flat. The combination of flat and sloping land is conducive to landscape construction, and the layout of high and low landscapes is conducive to space creation and easier to create a sense of hierarchy. Point 3: Convenient transportation.

 Travel Planner: How to share a farm?

2, content selection

According to local needs, combined with the actual situation to create a unique theme farm, the content selection should be “people have no me”, when everyone is following the trend, we must achieve “people have me excellent” to increase their competitiveness When everyone is mature, this time their own characteristics will become a strong competitive point.

 Travel Planner: How to share a farm?

3, How to operate

Share farms, managed by the management team of the owner, management should be able to meet the basic operation of the farm, and then lease out to a certain scale unit, the consumer is guided by the management team to participate in the process of crop production! According to different consumption levels, there are different consumption items! Can participate in a certain stage of the crop growth process, or rent the entire unit to entertain yourself, provided that it can not be used for other purposes!

 Travel Planner: How to share a farm?

4, how to make a profit

Agricultural farms should mainly use agricultural products as the main profit content. Eco-green agricultural products are in great demand in the market today due to the increasingly prominent food safety. In addition, it also develops some ecological sightseeing, farming experience and other activities in conjunction with tourism.

 Travel Planner: How to share a farm?

Leisure agriculture, shared farms are about to enter the golden period Integrate the agriculture-related economy to achieve diversified needs. So, are you going to be a “shared farm”?

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