Trans Fats banned in New York's restaurants

Trans fat occurs naturally in some foods, such as butter, but is also formed in the processing of certain foods where product texture and shelf life are desirable. I have learned a lot about this issue because I work with the National Margarine Manufacturers Association. In addition, heart disease runs in my family, so I have a personal interest in this topic as well.

Did you recently see a margarine tag? You will not find any soft or wet margarine containing trans fat, and the trans fatty margarine levels have dropped significantly. Using the new technologies, margarine manufacturers have addressed the challenge and have eliminated or reduced the trans fat in margarine products, making a good product even better. In fact, the margarine industry has led the food industry to remove trans-oily content from its products. Soft, liquid and spraying margarine products are now in line with the recommendations contained in the 2005 American Dietary Guidelines and the MyPyramid food guidance system. Soft margarine products have grown in importance because they "help meet essential fatty acid needs and also contribute to vitamin E needs", according to the 2005 Dietary Guidance Advisory Board Report.

When comparing margarine with butter, many margarine products are the recommended alternative as stated by the American Heart Association and the Federal Government's National Cholesterol Training Program. And yes, it is still an economic choice for the consumer. For more information, visit, and = 1200000.

Oh man. Getting rid of trans fat in the restaurants would be awesome.

In fact, to be honest, I would like restaurants to introduce nutritional value for each element (ie proteins, carbohydrates, fat, etc.). Although I think it is important to tackle obesity, I would like this for those of us who are planning to build our body! I know myself, but it's so difficult to go to restaurants that show how many calories it is in the meal, or how many grams of protein are in this steak – or even how many grams of carbohydrates are in this rice / paste bowl,

I know that fat can have a significant effect on health. But there are those of us out there sitting on the other side of the fence completely ignored 🙂

Those of us who want to put some!

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