Toronto's SickKids Hospital New Oreos Fundraising Campaign

Because of course it is.

SickKids Hospital has never avoided earning dollars and their recent campaign looks to partner with food giant Mondelez to promote the sale of Oreo cookies.

Mondelez is certainly excited and sees this partnership,

"a first step in a long-term partnership that will "allow even more opportunities for partnerships in portfolios and brands"

The partnership also benefits Canadian dairy farmers who are likely to run the damage control after the publication of a Food Guide justifying the unique importance of milk in our diet and removing the explicit recommendations of the previous guide on its consumption. and simply included dairy products in the food grouping protein.

Dairy farmers worry about the impact the changes to the Food Guide will have on their lucrative school milk programs and perhaps what hides their rationale for "helping children make the most of their potential", Which will undoubtedly carry more weight with the push of SickKids.

Obviously the campaign will include, "Television, cinema, digital, social media and public relations"and there is no doubt that industry expectations, despite the campaigns, are likely to be enormous, they will profit from their investment either through direct sales or by protecting current initiatives (such as school milk programs).

As for what it is about Sick Kids, of course it's just money. There is no doubt that the amount of money SickKids is likely to receive through fundraising cookies will be a fraction of what will be spent on the campaign in which they lend their name and integrity to their business.

And no doubt, if this is altruism for Mondelez and Dairy Farmers, they just cut checks.