These symptoms appear and should be checked.

The prevalence of cancer has gradually increased in recent years, and everyone is also talking about cancer. Cancer is not only a treatment difficulty, but also a difficulty of discovery. The reason why cancer is scary is because many cancers cannot be detected early, and it is often found late.

 These symptoms appear, you should check the

as the “cancer boss” lung cancer, because The hidden is too good and it is the first killer in China. The lung is a very special organ. It has no sensory fibers, so it cannot feel painful stimuli. People with lung cancer have no obvious symptoms in the early stage and do not feel lung pain or lung discomfort.

When the following five symptoms appear, it indicates that there is a lesion in the lungs. You should go for a lung examination!


Cryptally dry cough, less or no sputum, some patients have a small amount of white foam sputum, and more often cough after exertion. If there is no obvious disease, but the habit of cough changes, you should be alert to whether there is a cause of coughing, pay attention to the sound of cough, whether it is irritating dry cough.

2. Chest tightness

Some patients have symptoms of chest tightness and chest pain when they are active or even at rest. The nature of chest pain is generally not described, but can be different manifestations such as dull pain, discomfort, dull pain, and sharp tingling. Sometimes the shoulders, neck, and upper limbs on one side feel numb or swollen. Unexplained chest tightness and chest pain should be alert to lung cancer.

3. Hemoptysis or blood stasis

The early hemoptysis of lung cancer is small, only the small bloodshot or blood clot in the sputum, the color is bright red or dark red, mostly persistent. This is because the cancer tissue is necrotic and ulcerated, causing capillary ulceration. When a cancer tissue invades a large blood vessel, the amount of bleeding becomes large, which can cause massive hemoptysis.

4. Joint swelling and pain

Great joint pain, mostly ankle pain, followed by wrist joints. The pain is migratory and has nothing to do with climate change. This is pulmonary osteoarthrosis or ectopic growth hormone syndrome. When lung cancer is cured, joint pain can naturally disappear.


There are several symptoms that should be checked

Lung cancer has little fever in the early stage, and can cause mild to moderate fever when the cancer tissue is necrotic. Generally treated with antibiotics is not effective.

When coughing, hemoptysis, chest pain, and shortness of breath occur, you should be vigilant and receive a comprehensive examination as soon as possible. What checks will I do after I arrive at the hospital?

1.X-ray examination

X-ray examination can be used to understand the location and size of lung cancer.

2. Bronchoscopy

A bronchoscope can directly observe the lesions in the endobronchial and luminal lumens. Tumor tissue can be taken for pathological examination, or bronchial secretions can be taken for cytological examination to confirm the diagnosis and determine the histological type.

3. Cytological examination

Nerve cytology is a simple and effective method for screening and diagnosing lung cancer.

4.ECT examination

ECT bone imaging can detect bone metastases earlier. X-ray films and bone imaging have positive findings. For example, if the osteogenesis reaction is stationary and the metabolism is inactive, the bone imaging is negative and the X-ray film is positive. The two complement each other, which can improve the diagnosis rate.

It is better to prevent a disease from happening than to find a disease. In fact, lung cancer can be prevented. After some tobacco control in some western developed countries, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer have dropped significantly. Want to prevent lung cancer, to stop smoking, to protect the environment, reduce air pollution, reduce exposure to occupational carcinogens, increase the diet of vegetables, fruits, etc. can prevent lung cancer.

 These symptoms should be checked,