These incredible Italian tycoons teach you to make pasta from scratch

Video pasta is one of my favorite things on the web. In particular, the preparation and formulation of pasta using traditional ingredients and methods. There are all kinds of videos out there, and pasta enthusiasts on all different platforms, but I really love to see the Italian grandmothers (nonnas). I would like to point out a handful of favorite pasta videos here, and let these Italian grandmothers show us how it has been.

I would also like to mention a channel on You Tube, Grannies Pasta, because it is a treasure of the pasta videos by Vicki Bennison. I've incorporated some favorite episodes down, I'm definitely pushing around the files as well. There is also a great inspiration in #pastamaking, and Miyuki Adachi is one of my favorite Instagram accounts of all time. Let me know in the comments if you have some favorites in this vein as well, I'm always adding to my list!

1. Pici

Pici (!!!) Pici is my first pasta love, and my favorite pasta can be handcrafted. You can throw long spaghetti-shaped noodles over a bench, and because you do it manually the shape is beautifully irregular and rustic. I thought my pici game was respectable until I meet this Tuscan grandmother. Around 50 seconds of this video shows us who is boss.

2. Trophy

Trofie is the most recent figure I tried to master. To make these tiny coils, some people wrap the pasta dough around a fine needle or umbrella they were talking. I do not have the patience for it (I'm so slow), and I always resort to something more like this. Look at the technique of out-of-palm!

3. Fusilli Ricci

Proof that making fresh pasta keeps you strong! A beautiful portrait of nonna Maria at the age of 86 who did the fusilli ricci.

4. Tagliatelle

Nonna Elena makes beautiful tagliatelle here and makes you think you can peel your pasta machine for a pasta table and a mattarello brooch. If you watch carefully, you take a secret look at her fridge too :).

5. Orecchiette

I visited Puia years ago, and I could watch ladies doing traditional orecchiette (small ears) for hours. In this video we see an orecchiette teacher at work, but do not look away, because at 2:00 minutes, it goes big.

6. Cavatelli

The shape of the caps beats around 2:00 minutes here. I remember meeting some of these ladies when I was traveling to Poulia years ago.

7. Sicilian Maccheroni

Another one of the pasta Grannies series. Movies in Menfi, Sicily, I like this video for a hundred reasons. Watch Damiana and Gaetano make an incredible meal of pasta food fava. Knife skills are the best, the fresh from the garden favas (!), The sunny patio (!), Damiana fruit and roses!

8. Miyuki Adachi

It's not nonna, but I suspect you'll love Miyuki not all. I found her in Instagram and love watching the video shorts and the pasta that made Toronto demonstrations. This is a video some of which you will find it working on. As you can see, her trophy game is strong enough too! (Follow Miyuki)