These 8 symptoms must be checked!

After some parts of the body, pain is already a strange thing. Many people think that body pain is a trivial matter, often overlooked. Pain is the earliest and most subjective inner feeling in everyone’s life. It is a sensible reaction when the body is subjected to noxious stimulation. It is a signal that human health is threatened and a physiological mechanism that causes the body to defend and protect. It reminds people that the body has lost its protective function! Xiaogan Youtai medical examination experts hereby remind: Physical pain should be paid attention to, can not be careless. Many times, the seemingly benign condition is actually a sign that your body is being eroded by a serious lesion.

There are 8 symptoms that must be checked!

8 kinds of terrible pain, the body is reminding you that you need a medical examination!

One, chest, throat, jaw, shoulder arm or abdominal pain. This may be a precursor to heart disease. It is important to note that the typical symptoms of heart attack are not pain but discomfort.

Youtai medical experts suggest: The reaction of heart disease patients is oppression, just like an elephant sitting on your chest. In addition, discomfort caused by a heart attack may also occur in the chest and throat, jaw, left shoulder arm or abdomen.

Two, headache. No matter what kind of headache, go to the hospital for examination – unless you know the cause well. A cold can cause a nasal headache, and a brain hemorrhage or a brain tumor can cause a headache.

Youtai medical examination expert tips: When a person has the most severe headache, it may be a precursor to a brain aneurysm. At this time, you should go to the emergency department immediately.

Three, pain in the lower back or between the shoulder blades.

Youtai medical experts suggest: “In most cases, this is a reflection of arthritis.” In addition, it may be caused by a heart attack or abdominal disease. .

Four, unexplained pain.

Youtai medical experts suggest: A variety of body pains are common in people with depression. Sometimes it is a headache, sometimes it is pain in the limbs, and sometimes it is comprehensive. “But don’t be quiet, because perhaps the brain’s physiological structure has already developed lesions.”

Five, calf pain. There is a danger that little is known about it, that is, deep vein thrombosis. In the United States, 2 million people suffer from the disease each year and their lives are threatened. The danger is that once the thrombus falls off, it can cause pulmonary embolism. Among them, cancer, obesity, long-term bed rest, long-distance travel, pregnancy and age can cause calf pain.

SixSevere abdominal pain. First of all, it is most likely that there is a problem with the appendix. Second, abdominal pain can occur with gallbladder and pancreatic problems, stomach ulcers, and intestinal obstruction.

Seven. The legs and feet are burning. Some people don’t know that they have diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy may be their earliest symptoms. If the legs and feet have a burning sensation or acupuncture, it means that the nerves have been damaged.

Eight, painful urination. Specially refers to the severe pain that occurs when urinating, and the urine sometimes has rust. Possible diseases: bladder infection or bladder cancer.

Youtai medical examination expert tips: Pain and hematuria are typical symptoms of bladder cancer, and early detection, the possibility of cure is very high.

A lot of times, the seemingly benign condition is actually a sign that your body is being eroded by a serious lesion. Regardless of whether you are wandering outside, please cherish your body. Regular physical examination every year, because the body is the cost, check yourself whether it is unreasonable body pain, do not underestimate the first-aid signal sent to us by the body, the body’s self-defense awareness is very high, once the body can not bear the we give it Pressure will be countered in some way to show its resistance. Come and see if you have any of the above pain symptoms. With one point above, then you should go for a comprehensive physical examination. More health checkup questions can be consulted by friends and health staff WeChat xgytjk

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