There are 2 symptoms in 4, and you should be alert to the “attack” of stomach cancer! It’s time to check it out

The incidence of gastric cancer is very high in our country. Of course, we must grasp the source of the treatment of the disease. If the prevention is ineffective, we need to know the signal of gastric cancer in time. Understanding the early symptoms of gastric cancer can find the disease at the first time. And treatment.

4 symptoms appear 2, Be alert to the

early symptoms of gastric cancer

1. Upper abdominal discomfort

The first symptom of gastric cancer is the symptoms of upper abdominal discomfort. Similar to indigestion, patients will develop paroxysmal abdominal pain, and the disease just starts to feel painful. It is not very obvious, but it is slightly different, but as the disease worsens, the pain will become more and more serious, especially after eating, the pain will become more and more intense, and this situation requires timely medical treatment.

Second, appetite decline

When a person’s appetite drops, the body’s intake of nutrients will be affected, and body weight loss is very fast. I began to lack interest in any food. If I barely eat it, I will feel severe bloating. In this case, the vicious circle will become more and more serious. If a person is found to be extremely thin, then it must be taken seriously.

Three, severe pain

As the disease becomes more and more serious, there will be pain, and the pain will become more and more serious. Abdominal pain is paroxysmal, but slowly it becomes persistent pain, and even the pain spreads to the waist, affecting sleep, and seriously affecting the normal life of the patient.

4 symptoms appear 2, Be alert to the

4, nausea and vomiting

Vulciable vomiting is more serious The symptoms that appear at the time, and often spit out with blood, the color of the stool is black, the symptoms of diarrhea are also very obvious, often bloody stools, even if you simply eat, you can’t eat, even the food is not The way to swallow.

4 symptoms appear 2, Be alert to the

Stomach cancer patients should have confidence

A lot of treatments can be used for gastric cancer The method is effective. One of the more effective ones is surgery. Therefore, the cancerous cells will be removed to prevent them from affecting the health of other organs in the body. The sooner the surgery is found, the better the patient should be treated early. Attitude must also maintain an optimistic attitude, because the probability of cure under current medical treatment is very high.

In addition, if the cancerous area is relatively large, the surgical effect is small, and chemotherapy can also be selected for treatment, which can slow down the growth rate of the tumor to some extent, and even reduce the size of the tumor.

In order to prevent the emergence of gastric cancer, it is necessary to develop healthy and good habits. Do not eat spicy foods that stimulate barbecued food. In addition, you need to eat on time. These are very helpful in preventing the emergence of gastric cancer. In addition to diet, you need to exercise properly, so that you can increase your own resistance, so that the body has the ability to resist the emergence of cancer cells and eliminate them through the immune system.