The Ultimate Vegan Nachos – 101 cooking books

Let's do nachos today. I know the title says vegan nachos, but if you are vegan or not, when you need a fix nacho, so you have to roll. At least once. Just to see if you like them. I mean, nachos is always a multitude of pleasure, and this is no exception, I promise. Chances are, you will not miss even the classic cheese bomb version. On the other hand, your body will thank you because the "cheese" in this version is non-dairy, vegan, full of beneficial spices, cashews, garlic and grated sweet potatoes, and lasts for up to a week on cooling.

The Ultimate Vegan Nachos - version # 1

All about cheese

The sweet nacho nacho is a thing for good reason, behaves a lot like a classic nacho cheese, is the right color yet, but (!) is undoubtedly more tasty and made from natural ingredients. I've incorporated a bunch of shortcuts in my version to speed things up together, like grating the sweet potato. Also, if you make the sauce a day or two ahead of time, you can have a nachos dish ready to go on a flash. Ready? Let's do it.

How To Get Toppings Right

I include two different versions here. The first choice is typical accumulate semi-classic approach (picture above): grilled chips, black beans, nacho cheese, olives, salsa, guacamole, chiles etc. The other? The second option (illustrated below) is what I like to think of as my hippie version: baked chili chips, nacho cheese, chickpeas, fresh broccoli, guacamole, hemp seeds, sherlo jam. The only things that would make it more hippie-ish would be to sprinkle it with nutritious yeast and maybe make a green version of the cheese (which I believe?) …

If you are trying to make a meal from nachos, a good approach is to pile them up with an extra sheet of simply baked vegetables. Broccoli and cheese is a classic combo (which even many kids like), so I tend to go this route, but experiment! Pour a vegetable basket while making the cheese. Easy.

The Ultimate Vegan Nachos - version # 2

Choosing your chips

Is it me, or is it harder and harder to find titsillas? I'm looking for baked chips (and sometimes fail). And / or adding corn, adding quinoa, maca, etc. I also look for slightly salted (some are so salty!).

Uses for your cheese

Any extra cheese is also tops as sandwich spreads, crudité dip, or keep it on hand anytime you are baking or baking.

Ease of oven with table

Bake and serve your nachos on the same plate (or pan). I use a platter that protects the oven here. A baking sheet or sheet of leaves also works. It's easy to go from the oven to the table. Saturate so many chips you want on your platter / pan, top with beans, top with cheeses dolls and bake for a few minutes. Do not worry that they do not look great, everything changes when you add your finishes! You do not have to dirt another plaque.