The story behind diabetes

The grandparents have four children, two women and two sons. The mother ranks at the end, and the aunt and the older mother are so many that the daughter of the aunt is in the era of early marriage, early childhood, and poor supplies. I am the same age as my mother, and the aunt’s niece is older than me. The mother was a late marriage and late childbearing that was rare in that era, and I, for various reasons, grew up in the grandmother’s house in the same age.

The story behind diabetes

Already mottled old homes

The most beautiful fragments of distant childhood are always in the sporadic memories of the grandmother’s house, which is In the afternoon, the sizzling lazy chair, the summer sun shines on the translucent green-green grape bunches on the banyan, and the golden rice waves pass through the narrow alleys to blow the refreshing wind that the micro-smoked people sleep. The old chicken cockroaches that had just smashed around after the egg was in the room.

The favor of the big aunt was unexpected.

According to the practice of Chinese-style family relations, mother-in-law, aunts and aunts are a subtle and complicated relationship. This relationship will also affect the interaction of each member of the family.

The big aunt’s kind of Chinese rural women who are illiterate in their true sense, or more straightforward, add a prefix, have a small peasant consciousness but are kind and hardworking. But this did not affect her love for me for decades.

When the long-term work is outside, the two elder brothers brought their two brothers to school. After the innocent love, I cried and laughed, and became the only emotional sustenance of the aunt who was engaged in heavy physical labor in the rural areas. My childhood, and I warm my aunt’s monotonous and boring life.

When I was in my childhood, my mother’s memory was that she always returned from chopping wood. She couldn’t have time to cook, wash and sweat, but still have to pull out a wild fruit wrapped in a large leaf. Corresponding to the season, it may be a furry black tea raspberry or a yellow wild scorpion ⋯

She always teased me with a folk song from her hometown: Oh, but I read another grandmother who taught my grandmother to go back to the past: bitter vegetables, bitterness, when I ate my grandmother, fried tofu, and my mother looked at the white-eyed eyes

The story behind diabetes

There are still many memories of my existence in the countryside.

It’s so repeated every day, and it’s never tired.

Then, I grew up, I went to school, and I left my hometown.

And my aunt also went to the side of Daxie and left the countryside.

In the days when I returned home, I left most of my time to my parents and left part of my time to my aunt. In the girly age of the lush, every time I go home, I am as tired as a prostitute at the Daban family. I can find a small snack snack that my aunt hides everywhere. I will spend a lot of time with my big brothers. Of course, I often cook and despise. Aunt’s bad cooking.

Therefore, the time for meeting is getting less and less.

The most recent time, but in the hospital. I have the white and blue I am familiar with, and I have the taste of the pasteurization solution I am familiar with.

The story behind diabetes

The end of diabetes causes a blurred vision of aunt

Aunt’s vision is a lot worse, and her mind is beginning to be chaotic, taking my daughter’s name. Called me, but still clearly remember those scenes that made me laugh when I was young.

There were three words that didn’t finish, and the tears had wet eyes.

She asked me how long her life could last, and we’ll see you a few times later.

While talking and smiling, I still can’t help but shed tears. The beggar on the side also wet his eyes.

Suddenly, we found that we were at this age without knowing it. This began to face the age of our loved ones.

The sadness can’t help but rise. This is an embarrassing and sad age. Even if I am used to life and death, I still feel that I am caught off guard.

As a patient’s family, I went to the doctor’s office to ask about the condition. The doctor in charge said that it was so serious that it was enough to attach importance to it, like inserting a dagger straight into my heart.

Yes, why? A doctor who is a doctor, a self who loves and returns with love.

In the way back, the mood is very heavy, although the body and mind are exhausted after a long journey, the night is still quiet but still can not be embarrassed.

It’s not just these feelings and embarrassment that I want to write down. I haven’t continued to write science for a long time, not just the reason for the busy work, but the opposite of my original intention to open the headlines.

Remember that there is such a sentence in the Yellow Emperor’s internal medicine: the medical treatment is not ill, the Chinese medicine cures the disease, and the medical treatment is already ill;

We are busy in the clinic every day, we are very I have achieved success, haha, I successfully cured a patient, and I created a miracle of life. However, have you discovered that the more patients around you are getting more and more treated, the condition is getting more and more difficult, and the patient’s satisfaction is getting lower and lower.

This is why we are not working hard enough, or is medicine stagnating, or simply due to the deterioration of the living environment?

This is obviously a matter of benevolence and wisdom. However, as a medical staff, we must be aware of such a contradiction: with the improvement of living standards, people’s expectation of the therapeutic effect of health on the disease is increasing, and the understanding and prevention of disease is in the contradiction of the primary class. When we realize that we have been active or passive in the treatment of the disease, we should do something to change the status quo. However, we still know that the reasons for this contradiction come from all aspects, from the national level to the next. To the people themselves, but we still have something to do.

Returning to my aunt’s already worse diabetes, my aunt’s diabetes is a typical type 2 diabetes. Diabetes has become an endocrine and metabolic disease that is becoming more and more familiar in recent years. The aunt’s pathogenesis is also It is in line with the era of the development and growth of type 2 diabetes in China: the aunt who was engaged in physical labor, because of the improvement of social progress and living standards, the washing of the feet, the living environment and eating habits have undergone tremendous changes. Increased energy intake (unbalanced diet), reduced exercise, increased age, and ultimately lead to disease. In the early stages of diabetes, because of insufficient attention and effective intervention, large blood vessels (such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, renal blood vessels and large blood vessels of the extremities), microvasculature (such as diabetic nephropathy and diabetic retinopathy) and neuropathy (such as Long-term complications such as autonomic and somatic nerves often appear to be very tricky and have poor results.

As a doctor who is also a doctor, I am speechless by the aunt’s doctor in charge. Not without reminding, really, just not enough reminders; not paying attention, just paying attention to it; not without treatment, but the treatment is not standardized.

So, even after I was really tired after work, I sat in front of the computer, knocked on my already gray keyboard, and wrote down these words.