The stomach is good, 10 symptoms teach you to come from me to check!

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The stomach is good, 10 symptoms teach you from me Check!

We all know that the stomach is the place where the body absorbs nutrients and is the cornerstone of our life, but if we don’t care for our stomach, it will cause the stomach to go out. Problems, then there are other organs that may harm our body. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep abreast of the health of the stomach. We must learn to self-examine in our daily life, and we must actively carry out self-examination and conditioning when the stomach is slightly unhealthy, so as to avoid the development of serious or chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Next, introduce 10 symptoms of gastrointestinal unhealthy!

Good stomach, 10 symptoms teach you from me Check!

1, often have no appetite and want to vomit. When a lot of feces are accumulated in the intestines, the peristalsis of the stomach is slowed down, making it easier for people to vomit even if their appetite drops.

2, bloating. The lower abdominal flatulence may be the result of gas accumulation caused by harmful bacteria, or it may be caused by insufficiency of intestinal movement.

3, defecation, fart is stinky. The reproduction of harmful bacteria can cause the food in the intestines to be corrupted and stinking. The excrement of stool and fart can also be stinky.

4, bad breath, body odor. There is a bad smell in the intestines. In addition to being turned out of the body, it will seek other outlets. If it is discharged through the respiratory tract, it will cause bad breath. If it is discharged through the skin, it will cause body odor.

5, often diarrhea. If there is a problem with the intestines, the ability to absorb water will decrease, which will result in more water in the stool and become too soft to cause diarrhea.

Good stomach, 10 symptoms Teach you to check me out!

6, often constipation. People who are often constipated, the harmful bacteria in the body will multiply rapidly, but the good bacteria will be reduced, and the intestinal environment will deteriorate in the long run.

7, dry skin, long spots and long acne. The reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestines will cause harmful substances to be excreted in time, so that blood is mixed into the blood circulation throughout the body, which is reflected in the skin surface is poor, dry, prolonged spots and acne.

8, easy to fatigue, cold. If the intestinal environment continues to deteriorate, nutrient absorption will be hindered, resulting in decreased immunity, fatigue and colds.

9, difficulty in losing weight. If the intestinal environment deteriorates, it will make it difficult to eliminate the old waste of the body, resulting in poor metabolism of the body, so it is difficult to lose body fat.

10, abdominal pain. If the abdomen often has pain or burning pain, accompanied by diarrhea, constipation, abnormal color of stool, insomnia, forgetfulness, hair loss, fatigue, cold hands and feet, fatigue of the limbs, upset, irritability, waist and knees, Male sexual dysfunction, gynecological inflammation in women, etc., then the problem is already serious enough.

Writing at the end

In daily life, we should pay more attention to our body. If there are two or more of these symptoms at the same time, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Gastrointestinal examination, as soon as possible to find out whether there are gastrointestinal diseases, in order to achieve early detection, early treatment, so that the stomach to restore healthy vitality as soon as possible.