The secret and long-term column 24 silver conductivity and heat transfer have a relationship with sterilization

24 Silver Conductivity and Heat Transfer Sexuality and bactericidal relationship

The judgment of the quality of a silver jug ​​can not only depend on the beautiful shape and bright gloss, because each country is pure The proportion of silver in silver products has different regulations, so that in the interpretation of sterling silver products, different countries in the world have different standards. In Japan, only the silver content of 950 to 1000 is called noble sterling silver. .

The function of the silver pot

The silver is the second place in the precious metal, and the conductivity and heat transfer are the first. It has the best sterilization function and is used in The boiling water in the tea ceremony can obviously improve the water quality, enhance the tea soup and supplement the trace elements.

The use of tea or tea ceremony is mainly to help obtain the best quality water. Secondly, each silver pot is also a presenter of metalworking craftsmanship and aesthetic quality of life!

Health function: can calm the heart, warm the stomach, Shu Jing gas and so on.

24 Silver Conductivity and Transmission The relationship between heat and sterilization is

The use of the kettle & maintenance

1, the water level is maintained at 80-90% of the whole pot capacity. Good, otherwise the boiling water overflow will completely damage the heating wire of the heating furnace, which will also cause other unnecessary dangers.

2, the silver pot should not be heated in the waterless state to avoid damage to some welded parts due to high temperature.

3. The heating of the silver pot can be heated (optimized) or electrically heated using charcoal. The recommended tools are: electric heating wire furnace, far infrared heating furnace, electromagnetic heating furnace, etc. If you choose induction cooker, you should buy anti-shield induction cooker.

4. After each use, dry the water and gently wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

5. When there is dirt or discoloration during use, use a silver cloth or silver powder to gently polish.

6. If it is not used for a long time, please wipe it with a soft cloth or paper and store it in a cool place.

24 Silver Conductivity and Transmission There is a relationship between heat and sterilization